Dennis D: Mormon.

Hi I'm Dennis D

About Me

Love being a husband, father and grandfather. Enjoy hiking, hunting, biking and being out in the forest or mountains or desert with my family.

Why I am a Mormon

My wife of 43 years passed away 7 years ago. The most difficult trail of my life. Yet, knowing we are a family sealed in a temple; I know all of our family will be together, as a family, as husband and wife, FOREVER!

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

Over the last 29 years I have read the Book of Mormon each year. Each time new and exciting insists into why we are here and where we came from as well as life after this life comes alive. The Holy Spirit warms my heart each time I read from its pages and testifies to my soul I have a purpose in this life and the life to come. Without the knowledge of Jesus Christ from the Book of Mormon my life would be full of doubt and fear. Yet, with His example and teachings my life is full and glorious and I know death is only the gate way to an even better life.

How I live my faith

Being the missionary leader in our church helps me see the wonder changes that comes to the lives of others that start to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can also be forgiven of my sins and mistakes because of Christ's Atonement.