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Hi I'm Rick

I'm a Mormon. I was raised in Northern California and spent a year in Germany and two years in Japan.

About Me

I'm a happy man who has been married 35 years to the same beautiful woman. We have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. I love to cook. I love being a Mormon. In everything I do I try to live as Jesus Christ, my Savior, taught.

Why I am a Mormon

When I came out of high school I wondered about the character of God and Jesus Christ. Although I was raised in a Christian church I knew in my heart that there were doctrines taught there that God was not the author of. I believe that every person on this earth who has ever lived needs to know that God put us on this earth because he loves us. Because he wants us to be happy as he is, he provided us with a plan of happiness. That plan required a Savior who is Jesus Christ. Not everyone in the history of the earth has had a chance to understand (let alone hear of) who Jesus is and so my search began to find a church that taught that. I found it in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the New Testament Jesus said that the Holy Ghost would show us the truth of all things. And we have to ask. I testify that it is true. Come and see!

How I live my faith

Jesus taught that there are two great commandments - to love God and to love others. I have found that serving the needs of others is the best way to show my faith and to experience happiness in this life. It's one of the hidden treasures that the scriptures speak about. Jesus referred to it when he taught that the Son of Man would return in glory - it's in Matthew 25. He told his people that they had fed him when he had no food, gave him drink when he had none, welcomed him in even though a stranger, gave him clothing when he was without, visited him when he was sick (yes, the hospital counts!) and also in prison. They could not recall any of those. Then he helped them understand when he said "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me." I work with young single adults in our church - aboout 100 of them locally. They rock! You have never seen such a willing group to participate in projects to renovate a neighborhood, to provide food for hungry and homeless people, or to act as physical proxies in a spiritual way to help others find salvation. But life is not only about serving and work. They also enjoy dancing, human fussball, acting crazy, and being together. They are at our house constantly. I assist in shepherding this group and I love it. Because of all the hustle and bustle of life's activities I read regularly from the scriptures to make sure I have my spiritual bearings set in the right direction. When I read I feel my Heavenly Father talking to me, giving me guidance - that's why he gave them to us - and I'm grateful for that.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

As a youth I attended a Protestant church and remember hearing my pastors say that Mormons were part of a cult, that they did not believe in the same God that you and I do. I remember that one pastor said that a man named Joseph Smith found some gold plates on a hill. And I thought that he said that Mormons wore black. A few years later I mistakenly found myself in a Mormon worship service. After the initial shock I felt I listened ever so intently to try to prove that what I had been taught in my youth was true, but could not. After the meeting I felt entirely satisfied that Mormons were Christian in word, spirit, and deed. I found that those people professed their belief in and their love for my Savior, were very cordial, and said that they did their best to provide for and serve the needs of other people as the Savior taught. I could find no evidence that the scriptures they used detracted in any way from my beliefs. A few weeks later I was baptized as the Savior was and as he taught. When my parents and other friends knew of it they were very quick to try to dissuade me from associating with “the Mormons.” They not only rejected my own prayerful experiences, but also told me what I believed – however false. They merely repeated what they had heard their clergymen say without investigating the truth of it themselves. As Jesus was persecuted so, he said, would his disciples be. Show more Show less