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Hi I'm Clyde

I'm a retired Jr College Math Instructor who has to run to keep up with his 21 grandchildren. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Well, to start somewhere college sent me off with a bachelor's degree in 1956. After serving a great 2-year LDS mission in England I returned home to marry my sweetheart of 2 ½ years. And now we've just celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary. What a blessing to me she has been! But where has the time gone? I've taught mathematics in High School and Junior College for 33 years. During that precious time-window when our youngest turned four and our oldest still had a few brief years before seeking full-time Summer employment, we had some wonderful Summers with family backpacking in the mountains. Our scrapbooks are full, and so are our hearts. We know that working and playing together in these ways have helped achieve the love and closeness with one another that we feel today. We stay in touch by visits, phone, e-mail, Facebook, Skype and reunions. Our “baby” left the nest in 1990. Three years later I retired from teaching mathematics and turned my full time and attention to family and church. Currently I'm a Meetinghouse Librarian and I also teach a weekly class in Basic Christianity in our county jail, do Family History, and try to keep up with my 21 Grand Children's technology! We have two Great-grand Children.

Why I am a Mormon

Now here is the earlier part of my life, and the role of the Book of Mormon. I had just landed a pretty good Summer job for a high school senior. Living in East Oakland, every day I rode the bus across the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge to a bare-bones upstairs temporary “office” on the famous Market Street. Pinned and taped to all the walls were engineering maps of the San Francisco Peninsula. The engineers would hand me lists of numbers. I would operate a whirring and clunking Marchant desk calculator (yes, it was the only available "computer" to them in 1950!) and hand back the results. These were the preliminary cost estimates for the just-born Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART). Who was this “budding 17-year-old engineer” who was churning out figures for BART? My teen life, we would have to say, was a mild, lonely, non-thing! My Latter-day Saint parents were loving and kind. I participated in church services and activities with them because church was simply an extension of my home - and I liked my home! However, as I moved through the high school years, I gradually became quietly more and more anxious. My parents - bless their hearts - did not pressure me in any way. But the handwriting was clearly on the wall and I wasn’t stupid. My older Brother had served a 2-year mission for the LDS Church, and it was clearly my turn next. I don’t even remember talking about it with Mother and Father (or anyone else, for that matter). But it was always there, waiting for me. And ….. I didn’t want to go! (“Please, mister Custer, I don’t want to go.”) I had nothing to tell anyone. I was petrified at the thought of any aspect of going away, being alone, being expected to preach and teach, etc., etc. But, back to BART: The commute from Oakland to my Summer BART job in San Francisco was a boring bus ride of 40 to 45 minutes each way. One day early on, I was passing the family bookshelf where I noticed the copy of the Book of Mormon. I remember saying something to myself like “Here I am a Mormon, and I don’t really know very much about what Mormons believe. I think I’ll take that book with me and read it on the bus while commuting to work.” As I read. The Holy Spirit descended upon me. I remember very clearly becoming engrossed in it while on the bus everyday. It was hard to wait for lunch time when I would pull my sack lunch and Book of Mormon out of the little drawer where I kept them, and take the elevator down to the street, and sit on a sidewalk bench on Market street oblivious to the streams of traffic, and read the Book of Mormon and eat my lunch. Tears would often stream down my face as the Holy Spirit bore powerful witness to me of the truth of what I was reading. Nephi became my personal hero and exemplar. Oh, if only I could be like Nephi! The great missionaries Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni fired my faith and ambition. But the most important thing that happened to me was that I suddenly knew that God lived! And that He loved me!! That I was somebody!! That I had a real destiny!! And that with the help of God I could fulfill my destiny! I had come home. I was a son of God! The difference between knowing these things, and previously not knowing them was stark! And most importantly, the Book of Mormon taught me of my Savior and his wonderful atonement – for me! I now knew that I could put my mistakes behind me and start over through Jesus Christ's awesome loving sacrifice for me! In short, I was no longer an "empty" person. I was full! I now knew what Nicodemus had a hard time understanding (John 3:3) - that is, what it means to be "born again" Of course, now I truly wanted to serve a mission. I was not afraid anymore. Instead, a great sense of adventure replaced my insecurity, and the former void was filled with a great sense of purpose- an urgency to share this great book – and the Restoration of the true and complete Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth, through His great Latter-day Prophet, Joseph Smith – with the rest of the world! Through the ensuing 60 years I have read and re-read the Book of Mormon almost continuously. Our Savior, Jesus Christ and His Redeeming Sacrifice have become the “Rock” of my life, and the Book of Mormon is the “Rock” of my testimony of Jesus Christ and His newly Restored Kingdom. The book never grows old. How can discovering ever more riches of Eternal Life ever grow old!

How I live my faith

Even though at age 17 I was first visited with the Holy Spirit see the story under 'Why I Am a Mormon', I was far from being a perfected person - and I still am. New births usually bring forth babies. And I was still just a 17-year-old infant! However I had at last begun my quest for that completeness that Jesus Christ has commanded of his disciples in his famous Sermon On The Mount Matthew 548! The Golden Rule taught by Jesus Christ has been a constant goal for our family and community relationships. No other rule can possible bring so much peace and happiness to a family - or to a nation. Now- you must not think that our family was or is perfect in this, not by a long shot - but we keep trying and keep trying. Remember, Eternal Life is a quest, not an instant hamburger! It takes Faith and Hope to keep trying in the face of our failures. But Faith and Hope are among the greatest gifts of Jesus Christ to all of us, based, as they are, upon His marvelous Atoning Sacrifice! I fully expect that our family's quest for Eternal Life will continue into the world of spirits, beyond the grave, while we await the resurrection. We fully expect to re-unite there as a family, as one-by-one we pass through the veil called 'death' that separates the two worlds. We have this expectation because our family has been united by the authority of the Saviour, Jesus Christ, within the walls of a Holy Temple of the LDS Church. There, in such Holy Temples now available around the world, families are bound together as families for time and all eternity, providing they keep the covenants of righteousness that they make there with their Savior. These blessings are available to all who desire them! I encourage all who read my story to look into these matters. You will be so glad that you did!