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Hi I'm Shane

I live in Idaho and I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You know, the "Mormons".

About Me

I like to consider myself an average American dad and businessman. I love spending time with my family and friends. I started my career as a computer geek, but now I own my own software and IT company. As a break from the day to day grind, I love to spend time camping and riding motor sports. Life is good when you take time to enjoy the beauties around us. 

Why I am a Mormon

When I was young, I must admit that I attended church because it was what we did as a family. As I grew older and was faced with the decision to go on a mission for the church I had to search deep within to know if I truely believed what I had been taught all my life. After a lot of prayer and study, I was converted to the gospel and able to serve a successful mission. This was a turning point for me that helped me to feel Heavenly Father's love and care for me. He has answered so many prayers in subtle ways that help me in my life. I fear that without the teachings, ordinances and interaction of the church that I would really struggle with life. I so much appreciate the constant reminder from prophets and other associates in the church how we should be living in order to be with our families and apply the atonement in our lives to be able to return to live with Heavenly Father again. Although I'm a Mormon everyday presents challenges that are difficult. I think that the adversary works especially hard when I am trying to do what's right but I know that Heavenly Father has provided ways and means to handle such challenges. Being a Mormon to me is committing to God and his Son that I'm willing to follow their plan of happiness for their children with the potential of returning to them and living with our families for eternity. Of course the realization of those blessings are up to me and how I choose to live.  

How I live my faith

I do my best to serve in the church where needed. I have spent much time serving in youth programs and other areas in the church. These opportunities to serve require some sacrifice and of course it is not alwasy easy to give of your free time but a careful balance of work, family and service is a great reward and keeps me busy so that other distractions are not as prevalent. There is a bond that developes that is like no other between members of our church when we put your heart into our service. It can be a feeling of having an extended family. Daily prayer is a help to me to know that no matter what my day will bring, I am a son of Heavenly Father and he has asked me to do all I can to follow his commandments and be an example to help others. Sometimes, I do not do as much as I know I can and those are the times that I feel a sense of guilt. I am constantly amazed when I see others in our faith recognizing when someone needs help or service without being asked. They are and example to me and I am constantly striving to do better at serving others. I have been so impressed with how our church provides help to those in need especailly when disaster strikes. I feel grateful to be able to help in some small way by contributing to offerings and tithes. I know that these contributions go to a great cause by providing to someone who may need help. The church has always been a leader in our communities when help and service is needed. Always, I am striving to improve and do more and be better. When I think of the Saviour, I feel a need to improve in every way. He has shown the way and I know that I must follow to have hope of an eternal plan. Everyday can bring some challenge, but I know that when I am living and exercising my faith life can be much more rewarding. 

What do Mormons believe happens after we die?

Through the scriptures along with modern revelation, we know and believe that death of the mortal body is not the end. Heavenly Father has a plan of happiness that provides for us a path to return to him and continue to progress. After our body dies, our spirits live on in a place reserved as such for continued growth, teaching and learning. In this spirit world, all who have lived and died are waiting for the second comming of the the Saviour Jesus Christ to the earth when there will be a resurection and those worthy will receive their bodies again. Of course there will judgment required on how we live our lives on this earth. According to our worthiness, Heavenly Father will provide us with varying degrees of glory for eternity. We believe the highest degree of glory will be a place with Heavenly Father in his presence. We seek this and believe it is attainable through righteous living, proper authorized ordinaces and endurance to living the commandments. Every Latter Day Saint's goal is to live with our families in Heavenly Father's presense so that we too may continue to learn from him and progress as he has. Show more Show less