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Hi I'm Greg

I'm a Mormon. I love God and my family. I love freedom, sports, music, and studying theology.

About Me

I love my family. I am married to a wonderful woman, and we have two kids. They are a joy. I was raised in a showbiz family and decided to became a physician. I am currently a pathology resident.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I got older, I considered whether or not the belief system that my family taught me growing up was actually and literally true. Is Jesus Christ really the Son of God? Was Joseph Smith literally called to be a modern-day Moses, who saw God the Father and his Son? Is the Book of Mormon and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all that it claims to be? There was only one person in whom I knew I could completely trust, so I got on my knees and asked him, coupled with fasting, prayer, study, and obedience. God answered my prayers in a way that was absolute, but difficult to describe. I felt what is described in Galatians 522, but it was not a vague feeling but a clear answer to my questions. Thats why I'm a Mormon. 

How I live my faith

I choose to live my faith by doing what I have promised to do. I covenanted to obey all of God's commandments when I was baptized. When I live my life in harmony with the commandments of God, I can have the Holy Ghost accompany me. The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead, which can infuse peace, hope, joy, and love into ours souls, even when times get tough or difficult things happen. The Holy Ghost also teaches us who God is, and what he would do if he were in our daily situations i.e. the Spirit speaks the words of Christ. God loves all of his children. The gift of the Holy Ghost is a way that he blesses those who choose to serve and follow Him. 

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

We are saved from death, hell, sin, and all wrongdoing only in and through the grace of God. Grace is available to us only in and through the atonement of the Son of God, who is Jesus Christ. Jesus stands at the door, and He chooses who will enter into heaven. How will he choose? It will depend on if we are his lambs. His lambs hear his voice and obey. Thus Jesus has taught that if we want to have the grace of God applied to us, so that we can be clean, holy, and pure without spot, then we must repent of our sins and do what he has taught us to do. We must be kind, loving, and obedient. Grace is available to all, but Jesus has taught that we can only become clean through Him when we repent and do what is right. I trust and believe him. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

"Eternal" in the scriptures is in some instances used as a name--one of the names of God. So if eternal is a pronoun referring to God, inheriting "Eternal life" is to say one can inherit "God's life." We are all sons and daughters of God. We learn in Romans 816-17, that the Spirit of God testifies to us that we are the children of God, and if children, then heirs to the kingdom--joint heirs with Jesus Christ. Eternal life then is to inherit jointly the kingdom of God with Jesus Christ. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can repent and become holy and worthy to not only dwell in God's presence, but to take part in the great work that God will perform in the next life. We inherit jointly with Jesus, so Jesus takes us with Him to the Father. What an incomprehensibly wonderful state that will be!  Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Faith is a gift from God. God grants this gift to those who are obedient. When we do what we know or feel that we should, then God will grant us greater faith. Likewise, when we do what we know or feel that we shouldn't, then we lose faith. True faith requires that our faith be placed in something that is true. When we choose to believe in Jesus Christ, and then choose to do what He has taught us to do, our faith in Jesus Christ will increase, and God will bless us. Show more Show less