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Hi I'm Samantha

I grew up in Scotland. I am a student, a DDR fan and I love Harry Potter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Scotland and I am a daughter to wonderful parents who moved to the US for a better environment. I recently got back from serving a full-time mission in the beautiful islands of Hawaii - and yes, I miss it everyday; not necessarily for just the weather, but for the people, the memories, the experiences and for what it symbolizes to me. It was there that my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was strengthened. It was there that I saw the miraculous power of God change the lives of people. And it was there that I changed. I LOVE the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is such a great part of me and of who I am.

Why I am a Mormon

At some point, everyone is backed against a wall of faith and we need to be the ones who make the choice of where we stand. I grew up Mormon; my parents were converts to the Church when they were teenagers in Hong Kong. Growing up I took the Church for granted and I guess you could say I lived off my parents' testimonies. My mission was a turning point for me. Being blessed with the opportunity to study 2 hours a day everyday for 18 months and to testify each day and share with people the Gospel has helped me to grasp the Gospel principles and understand the reality of the Savior's Sacrifice for us. Once I knew that - once I finally realized that I had a testimony of my own, there was no going back. I know why I am here, I know what is expected of me and more importantly, I know that following Christ is the ONLY way to true peace, joy and happiness. I know Jesus is the Christ, that I have a loving Father in Heaven who listens to me and knows on a very personal level who I am and what my needs are. I've seen it over and over again how He has catered lessons to teach me and strengthen me. I know the Holy Ghost is real and will guide us when we let him. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book and that the principles it teaches and testifies of are true. I know the Atonement, or the Sacrifice the Savior made for each and every one of us, is real. I have felt it and experienced its power of forgiveness, repentance and love.

How I live my faith

I attend church every week and I take institute (religion) classes on campus twice a week. I am a leader in the Young Women's organization - which is a great program for girls from the ages of 12-18. I have the blessing of teaching them every month, developing friendships with them and helping them with their personal progress. Personal progress is a program that helps them prepare for the greatest blessings Heavenly Father has in store for His children; the Temple - where we can be united to our families for Time and all Eternity and not just "till death do us part".

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

We love homosexual individuals because they are our brothers, our sisters, our cousins, our friends but we do not approve of it. Having same-sex attraction is not a sin, it is acting upon it that is...just like breaking the law of Chastity. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage is important to the Church because families are ordained of God; marriage is divinely appointed for a man and a woman. The reason? God said so. We do not condemn those individuals, we do not persecute or discriminate against them; we love them, but we do not approve of that action or choice. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Say you were speeding down the highway and all of a sudden you hear Beethoven's Fur Elise blaring up the road and the ice cream man yells over his speaker for you to pull over. Sure, you might think it's an undercover cop, until you realize that it really is just an ice cream man trying to give you a speeding ticket. Are you going to pay the fine? How about if a highway patrol turned on his sirens and asked for you to pull over and a (real) cop with ID wrote you a fine. Then would you pay it? Baptism is the same. It needs to be done by proper authority in order to count in God's eyes. How confusing would it be if God gave authority to every religious sect that contradicted each other? God's ways are straight and there is only one way. Christ gave that power and authority to his apostles in the old world. When they were all killed and run out, people started taking out doctrines from the Bible and changing things and making their own interpretations - hence why there are so many different churches in existence. You can't reform something that was no longer around. Authority was lost to the world until it was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Baptism requires authority because part of being baptized is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, a third member of the Godhead. Just like how only a cop can have authority to fine you, only someone holding the authority of God, or the Priesthood, can confer upon you the gift of the Holy Ghost. Whether the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has that true authority from God or not is something that you will have to find out for yourself. That's why the Mormon missionaries go around all over the world sharing what they share, so that everyone can find out for themselves. As for me, I know that Christ's church has been restored once again on the earth. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

I wish I could say a resounding "YES!" only because I loved my mission SO much! But no, like every principle in the Church and in the Gospel, it is by choice. For the young men who are 19, it is a Priesthood responsibility, however, the Church will not force anyone to go. Young women are not required to go, but they can if they wish. Show more Show less