Jill : Mormon.

Hi I'm Jill

About Me

I'm a 40 year old mom of 4. My oldest is in 9th grade in High School and my youngest is in 3rd grade. I work at a Florist shop here in VA. We've lived here going on 4 years now. I grew up most of my life in Utah and living in the East is a big adjustment for me, but I'm growing quite a lot.

Why I am a Mormon

I know the Gosepel is true. Plain and simple. I feel It takes living it every day to know. I do my best to do the things I think my Savior would like me to do, and although I am far from perfect, I know that working at it each day draws me closer to Him.

Personal Stories

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

First I want to be the first one to admit that my home is never perfectly harmonious, but i can feel the difference when I am doing certain things in my live and in the life of my family. I know that when I am reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, listening to uplifting music, attending my church meetings and meeting the challenges of my callings in the church, I keep myself distracted from so many things going on in the world and when my family is doing the same, the spirit is so much better in our home. We tend to have more patience with each other, and the fighting goes down considerably. My children argue less with me and with each other. The air is just lighter. When we work together, we actually have fun. It doesn't seem to be such a chore. I love it when I can live closer to my Father in Heaven. It improves everything around me and not just in my home.

How I live my faith

I work with the Young Women in our small Branch. We only have 7 girls in our group, but they are so strong and have such a strong desire to live the gospel. I teach lessons on Sunday's every three months. I help the young women prepare activities that provide service for others, have fun making things for themselves, learning gospel principles, and having fun learning about the gospel in creative ways. I also lead a very small choir for the Branch as well. This means after church is over, we meet and practice hymns or other church songs. It is challenging, since I'm not as educated in this area as I would like to be. It is a learning experience.