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Hi I'm Richard.

I grew up in the USA and lived five of my teenage years in Iran. I am a Christian and I am a Mormon.

About Me

Mirrors say I'm getting old and my joints do ache some but that doesn't matter, because life is good. My wife of over 45 years is my best friend. She and my two children and three grandchildren are the joys of my life. The rough spots in marriage and the trials of parenthood now seem trivial although at the time they often seemed huge. We weathered the storms of life through love, committment, and faith. I'm now retired from the perfect profession -- teaching my favorite subject, foreign language. I enjoy singing, dabbling in musical instruments (piano, guitar, fipple flute/recorder), photography, home-video editing, rock hunting, home fix-it and improvement, vegetable gardening and home bottling of produce, reading, and researching to identify family ancestors.

Why I am a Mormon

As I grew up, I was taught my parents' high moral standards and basic Christian beliefs which were part of their Protestant upbringing. By my mid-teenage years I began pondering religious questions which seemed unanswerable, such as, What is God like? When did our existence begin? and What happens at death? As I searched for answers, I discovered Mormon doctrine was able to fill in all the missing pieces in my "puzzle of life." I later understood why that was possible: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) was the restored church, not a reformed church. All of the the truths and knowledge that had existed in the original church during Jesus Christ's mortal ministry had again been restored to the earth. Bits and pieces that had been lost or distorted over the centuries were restored to their original simplicity and completeness. That was possible because of God calling modern-day prophets. My own sincere prayers to discern whether these things were true or not were answered with a resounding YES. The Holy Ghost confirmed it in a way that was unmistakeable, but which is as difficult to describe as it is to tell someone who has never tasted salt or sugar what they taste like. I invite you also to "taste" the restored Gospel and to learn for yourself the clarity and joy it offers!

How I live my faith

My faith is a faith for seven days a week, not just for Sundays. If my neighbor needs help with something, I help him. It doesn't matter whether he is a Mormon or not. I try to think of God and Jesus Christ frequently throughout the day, and I talk to them many times during the day, sometimes aloud but more often in my mind. I guess that's one way to pray. I love thanking them for the opportunities this earth-life gives me and for the blessings, guidance and help I receive. I enjoy contributing my time, talents, and means to help build up the Kingdom of God on earth. It really doesn't seem like a sacrifice to teach classes, visit members, help others find their family roots, pay tithing, and accept leadership positions when asked. There is no monetary compensation for serving in the Church, but the blessings and spiritual growth that result from service are awesome!