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Hi I'm Janika

I am the mother of a blended family of 10. I am a performer, business owner, and inventor of children's toys. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I came from a family of 7 children who were 9 years apart from oldest to youngest. Our parents were teachers so we did not have money for many "extras." I learned to be resourceful as I re-purposed what was lying around. Having 6 children of my own helped me continue that trend, to the point that I became an inventor of a child's toy that is designed to be re-purposed through the lifespan of several children. But before I invented that, I had to re-invent myself. I was devastated when my 11 year marriage fell apart. My life was so uncomplicated before that. I took for granted that I would be married forever. But I had to question everything I expected out of life and myself. Faith was my anchor. God's eternal love for me was tangibly real. I am his daughter. His greatness is my heritage. He sustained me in my grief and helped me find joy and forgiveness. I learned that I, alone, was responsible for my choices. I could not control my circumstances or the choices of others, but I could control my response. I needed to be proactive in my choices, not just let life happen to me. It was time to re-purpose. When I remarried and had twins I was reminded of my passion for teaching young children and found a way to make a business out of teaching and playing with my own children as a way to help other parents and children. Every day offers opportunities for me to make choices that lead me to my purpose and new purposes that I had not expected. Love is a choice.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents taught me to love the scriptures. I studied them a lot in my youth. But the beliefs that I took for granted were challenged when I was exposed to "anti-Mormon" radio programs, videos and literature. I considered the possibility that what they were saying was true. But I saw negative motives, inconsistencies, and a lack of a Christlike approach to "reclaiming the lost." I thought, why, with all the moral decay in the world would people be trying to destroy the faith of others instead of building on our common faith? Could we not all be part of the Body of Christ? Besides, the logic and philosophy of Mormonism is whole and perfect. Nothing else makes more sense. But that is just the beginning of the process. Knowing in my head opened the door for a transformation in my heart. Knowing in my heart teaches me what I most want to do. Proving my faith by my actions seals the testimony. That brings me to how I live my faith.

How I live my faith

Making actions consistent with belief is the biggest challenge of living my faith. I feel very imperfect sometimes. But then, the heart of living my faith is that life is for making choices. Bad choices require repentance and forgiveness. That is why the Father sent his only begotten son to atone for our sins, weakness, and hurt. So you see, it is through the power of Christ's atonement that I am able to reinvent myself--on a daily basis.