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Hi I'm Penny

I'm a Song Writer, and I'm Mormon!

About Me

Music has always been my passion, however I never wanted fame. I began writing at 11. I learned I had a voice to sing at 13. Today I've composed and written over 1000 + song. From there I began this wonderful journey... I believe God uses music as one of the greatest tools to communicate His love and messages in Heaven and Earth. I would not be who I am today without His love to guide me. You don't need to be famous, or popular to be a special person with great talents and gifts to do wonderful things. We've learned one person can make a difference; Jesus Christ, and also Joseph Smith...You too have that same gift if you so choose with your free agency to walk in the light of the Lord. I've been a member for 38 years. I just can't imagine living my life without the fullness of Christ's gospel or not ever knowing of a Heavenly Father who loves me no matter what. The Book of Mormon, Bible, Doctrine & Covenants & Pearl of Great Price are filled with bountiful lessons, answers, and trials we even endure today. It is where we can find out who we really are. In Alma we learn of the trials of the Lamanites and Nephites and see what happened upon them when they did not keep the commandments. We also learn and see that God's ever loving arm is always extending if we humble our prideful hearts and come unto Him. This circle of His enduring love is infinite. Read: (BOM, 2nd Nephi 2: 27)( BOM, 1st Nephi 10: 20-21)( BOM, Helaman 12 25-26) (BOM, Helaman 12:23 & 3Nephi 9:13-14)

Why I am a Mormon

I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore back Christ's Gospel to it fullness. How I know this is I have seen the work of Christ through the Holy spirit by personal revelation in my life over the last 5 years as I believed the Lord was calling me to help my mother and fix her home...That is what I did, but I did not always do it how Christ would, and I was chastised just enough to help me change my heart and mind and was given the final chance to do it right and receive even greater blessings, blessings like confidence in the Gospel doctrine, a growing trust in the Lord, and much more I can't write about. If you have doubts believe it is the adversary trying to stop you of partaking the full truth of what Christ teaches and what Heavenly Father wants for us in this life to help us to the next to return home. Never underestimate our Father in Heaven's hand in all things. Never underestimate the power of the Lord's Atonement in your life as well as those around you. Why I am a Mormon? Because it is the only way of life that was intended for us. It is full and rich of the the precious plain truths again where Satan used men to take from the scriptures from early on. We are to be tested, cleansed and prepared for final victory and glory and continuance to be in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father again. And how is that obtained? By of course through tests, trials and afflictions to see if we will obey everything the Lord puts forth for us. READ: Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:25. Just ponder it and read the whole chapters and ask in prayer if it be true. There are many Christians in the world not LDS, but are not far from living the truth. Don't you want the full truth? Isn't there a desire to know more in you? Being Mormon is not just a religion it is the way of life, but it does take time to learn it and our loving God's know this that is why it is taught by faith and by line upon line and precept upon precept. Come and partake.

How I live my faith

I never thought it was possible to actual lose faith. I’ve since learned that we lose it if we are not working to keep it. The last two years of my life have been most trying. Some trials came upon me most sudden, and I let my faith slip. That’s how fast it happens if we’re not paying attention nor doing the work to keep it. The scriptures teach in order to acquire faith we are asked for works. (Read James 2:20 and seek the JST version James 2:18.) What is the work? It will be different for everyone. Each of us will go through trials that can teach and help us obtain: truth, faith and understanding of the Lord. Notice that I said, “I let my faith slip.”? I’m responsible for my own faith. Each individual needs to study the scriptures to obtain, retain, and grow faith. There is by no other way this comes to pass, I know this to be true. (Read Heb 11: 1-40) We can wallow in self-pity over infirmities or afflictions or we can act and trust in the Lord. Trusting in the Lord is the hardest part for all of us. Trusting in a personage, a Savior, a God we have never seen in person is baffling to many. However, the Gospel in my life gives me the tools to get through anything. We can choose to see as the blind man or not. (Read John 9: 2-5). Faith is the hope of things to come or be. (Read Ether 12:4 BOM) Believing in something we can’t see, but hoping it to be there. We hope to see the Lord coming again and we believe He will. (Read John 20:29) (Read AOF 1:1 (POGP). It is very clear to me, I don’t' want to lose my faith, and I’ll be challenged. I have the tools to help me cultivate a growing relationship with my Father in Heaven and my Savior, His son, Jesus Christ through exercising faith alone. The scriptures have been written, collected, and preserved for all people of this world. The first step is to just believe. Read Alma 32:27.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

We struggle, we suffer, we are poor, we are rich, we have dead-end jobs, we have great jobs, we might be unemployed or self-employed, we might be physically or mentally challenged. One thing stands out for all LDS and all Christians alike “By their works ye shall know them”. Moro. 7:5 (BOM). We seek Christ and take upon His name in this life. Our Heavenly Father has a plan of happiness. He so loves us; He doesn't want to see us miserable in any way. The Key is to continue to endure and strive to be better by following God's law. We try to create joy in our lives by keeping the spirit as a constant companion. (Read Proverbs 29:18) We attend Church regularly to obtain strength to battle a dark world, and build our faith. We continue to study and learn Jesus Christ's gospel that helps enrich our lives. None of us are perfect nor ever will be while living on earth, but we can become better people, stronger families. Raise up your hearts unto the Father. Seek to fulfill His commandments diligently as you go along in this life, and you will have great joy and peace. I say these things to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

It is the law, it is a commandment since the beginning of time. For some it is not easy. I say it is but merely a security to salvation. D&C 64/23 In addition, we should pay tithing, and other charitable instances how else do things prosper in this world today, how else do we care for the poor worldwide. The Lord already knew Satan would use money for great importance in regards to man's uprising on the face of this world; The Lord is always working to counteract what Satan tries to do to us. The old saying, "misery loves company," well Satan is miserable, and he wants us to fail in gross ways. The Romans taxed us all just like our government today. We are still being taxed. With paying tithing comes a multitude of blessings and great responsibility to uphold. And the promise is you will be blessed with so much you will not have a house to hold it all. And the Heavens will open its window and pour it out to you. This I have seen in my own life. I was laid off in 2009, struggling to find work in self employment, and then back to school...we have been blessed with a decent home to live, a car that is dependable, endless food in our bellies, and even though it has been tough, we keep a smile on our face and promise in our hearts as we endure...I have learned the key is faith, pure faith in its simplest childlike form. And never underestimate what the Lord presents you with, he helps us find our way. I bare this record to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Many people think we are not Christians, and that is simply not true. As Latter Day Saints we follow Jesus Christ first most. His loving gesture in sacrificing himself so that man may live is beyond words of gratitude. He is our God, Lord, Brother, Teacher, and Savior...His endless love that encircles our lives enriches us to make wiser choices creating a better life all around. In this world old and new we have learned repeatedly mankind waivers and falls through each generation, but through Christ's Atonement we can walk in peace, and have harmony, receive his endless mercy & blessings as we try to be better people daily. The key goal is for us to try our best daily to be more like Christ. "What would Christ do?" is a simple common question to ask before making any types of choices in your life. With Christ's fullness of His Gospel returned to the earth we can continue to benefit by having prophets on the earth again. I have no doubt Christ is this worlds redeemer, Lord, and savior. His gospel has been restored once again to our world. Heavenly Father loves us so much that He allowed his only flesh and blood son to be cruelly beaten, spit at, ridiculed, stabbed, mocked, nailed to a cross, and killed. Christ was a perfect man who lived on this earth to give mankind an exhalted example of how to be and then died for all our sins. The Gospel teaches to follow in Christ's footsteps. The Book of Mormon is another record of Christ, a people spared so that all may be. Show more Show less