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Hi I'm Samuel

I'm a freerunner, a reserve officer, an artist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from Finland and I love sauna! After I graduated from high school I served a year in the Finnish Defence Forces. When I was finished with my military service I decided to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I saved most of the money that I was able to make in the military and then I worked for a year to earn enough to fund my mission. I had a great time serving the people of Minnesota for two years. I loved it to bits. I enjoy sports such as freerunning, barefoot running, snowboarding and ultimate frisbee! I'm very experimental so I enjoy a great deal to try new things. I like spending time outdoors and traveling, too. I love to draw and I've been doing it regularly ever since I held a pencil for the first time. I've also started to sculpt for fun. Although I study industrial design, I am currently trying to get into studying social psychology in a university. I love people, culture and public speaking. I am interested why people make the choices that they do. I hope that I can help people in a creative way and train people to make better choices in their lives. After serving a mission in Minnesota, nothing has been more satisfying than serving others.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in to the church and I was raised in it's values. I have been blessed with outstanding parents and now that I look back to my childhood and youth, I can really see the enormous effects of the teachings of Christ applied in families. I know that by following the example of Jesus Christ we can become the best we can be. Each of us have a design which we can fulfill. I did have to find out for myself if I belonged to the right church. We can be taught many different things and even when they are all good, we still have a responcibility to seek and recognize the truth ourselves. I wasn't searching for "a truth" that would fit me and my purposes in my life but THE truth. My beliefs have been challenged many times and I have experienced persecution because of my faith. There can be a lot of pressure from different sources when one is trying to search for the truth. I think it's a test of sincerity and real intent. I looked for different options and finally concluded that I just had to go to the source, to God. The answer was there. It's not always clear how God works but I know that He answers if we ask Him. He has answered me again and again. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints is the true church of Jesus Christ. The teachings work!

How I live my faith

I served as a missionary in Minnesota but naturally that is not all I do. As a missionary I focused on helping others learn about the Savior and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries are guides to help people make changes in their life so they could follow the Savior with greater commitment. I am learning to be more like our savior by growing in charity towards others and serving them. I have a goal to serve someone each day! Through making right choices and trying to remember the Savior in all things I know I can become what He wants me to be. I believe that each individual is special, valuable and has great potential. Often we forget to look at life with an eternal perspective. Life isn't limited to the years we spend in mortality. Every choice we make in this life affects either ourselves or the people around us. I choose to treat other people as family. I try to have respect and kindness towards others even though I don't know them. I don't think I will have the heart to do it after this life if I don't try to do it here. I am definitely not perfect. I make mistakes every day. I really don't like it! I am grateful that I still get a chance to try again and again to be better. Jesus Christ wants to give us more than we deserve. He is the only one that can do that. I know that He knows each of us perfectly and loves us. I have experienced that many times. Life isn't always smooth and clear but because of Him we can all be successful in our life's journey in the long run.