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Hi I'm Hailey

I love life. I'm a 6th grade teacher. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a recent college graduate, living and loving life. I am a sister, daughter, and aunt to 4 hilarious siblings, 2 great parents, and 1 talkative niece. Right now, we all live together in one home, which allows late night chats, dancing parties with my niece, laughing around the dinner table, actively watching basketball games, and all sorts of positive bonding...98% of the time :) I go to work every weekday to a room full of 30 lively eleven-year-olds. I am a teacher of math, reading, social studies, art... and good principles to live by. Teaching leaves me feeling satisfied everyday. I love to teach my students... and I enjoy being taught by them. I do my best to not let my life be consumed by work, to make time for all of the important things in life. I do what I can to allow time for the simple pleasures of life, including attending social activities, music, reading, and eating ice cream.

Why I am a Mormon

I am an active Mormon because of the knowledge and blessings I am given by making that choice. By being a Mormon I am able to have a perspective on life that gives me peace and joy on a daily basis, even in the midst of trial, chaos, or worldly turmoil. Happiness is something that EVERYONE seeks in their own way. By living the gospel, I find happiness... not just happiness, but a happiness that I know will never end. A testimony is a personal witness to something you know to be true. A testimony is a witness that can and will grow on a day to day basis, based on the amount of effort chosen to put towards it. That being said... I have a testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows my joys and pains. He knows what makes me laugh and cry. He knows my dreams and hopes. He knows who I am and who I can be... and I will be, through Him. How do I know these things? In a world full of uncertainty and fear, through Him, I find joy and peace. In a world of constant change, I stand on a firm foundation. I am who I am today because of Him. He guides me through each chapter of life. The more I look for His hand in my life, the more I see it. I know that through prayer, I can communicate with Him. I know this because of experimenting and never feeling completely alone. I know that He loves His children, enough to speak to us today through latter day prophets. I know that His way provides eternal happiness and peace... which is something the world can never counterfeit or offer. Through Him I can progress each day. I am His daughter. He loves me.... and I love Him.

How I live my faith

To me, being a Mormon is more than having a title, it is a choice.... and a daily committment. Once I made the choice, "living the faith" became my lifestyle. Much like everything in life, I get out of the gospel what I put into it. Because of my choices in life so far, I have a testimony that grows on a daily basis. I live a life with high standards. Though these standards are not always popular or understood through the eyes of the world, when I continue to live by them with faith, I feel peace and happiness. I prosper. The church allows me to serve in roles that I would not have the opportunity to do elsewhere. These roles are called callings. When I serve in my callings, I grow closer to my Savior. One calling every member receives is called visiting or home teaching. Through this calling I have the opportunity to visit and serve girls my age on a monthly basis. When I visit, I find that there are so many people just like me, facing the same decisions and similar trials. It is interesting that I go with a mindset of helping the girl I am visiting, but by the end of the visit, she has helped me too. Another calling I have had the opportunity to serve in is organizing activities for young single adults. I soon learned that any activity involving food and socializing would usually result in a successful event. Through this calling I was able to get to know my age group better. I have had numerous musical callings. Callings are often given to help you grow or continue to develop talents you already have. All callings I have had and do have help me develop leadership skills. When I choose to serve and magnify my callings, I grow and better understand who I am. Through serving, I come to know my Savior.