What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm robert

I grew up in florida, and i'm a Mormon. I like to fish and surf but you can't surf in kentucky lol. let's just say I like radio

About Me

I am your average joe,you know, the guy next door who mows his lawn on saturday. i have always been a mormon as long a i can remember. some of my hobbies include (but not limited to) computers,ham radio(i have my general class license) music,fishing,nascar, etc. i am a proud parent of 4 girls, 3 step children,and one biologically mine (poor girl looks just like me!).i am also a D.J at a radio station here in kentucky.

Why I am a Mormon

have you ever felt you didn't have the whole picture when it comes to religion? well,you're not alone. other denominations all say this way is the only way! but let's look at the big picture a minute,did god only create one kind of dog or cat? no, there are a multitude of kinds and colors, each unique, with each having it's own purpose. so why wouldn't god do the same with humans,the creation he made in his own image? he did! and we respect and embrace them all! god's love is what's called in some parts of the world "agape" this word in english means all encompassing, which means he get's our little quirks,and our shortcomings and if we listen to him, he shows us how to overcome all our obsticles and become better individuals,better fathers,mothers,children! and here is something to ponder on; look around all over the united states,just recently scientists have been discovering that a people like the mayans were here before the indians or the people at plymoth rock!(*reference is the history channel) now hold on there's more! there is a tribe of indians in south america that has dna strands that match the israeli dna! the book of mormon teaches us that some of god's people came here to this side of the world, and they were "the other flock" jesus spoke of! please read and be amazed! you won't regret it!

How I live my faith

it's been a long road,it took me 13 years before I realized what god was telling me i was in a dead end relationship. now that i'm out of there i'm going to be spending my free time trying to get to know my Mormon neighbors and helping out in the ward however I can.!

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

everyone is invited and encouraged to come and worship with us, it definitely is not your run of the mill church service. we do not take up collections,... that is between you and god! sometime I swear it just feels too short I want to stay longer and worship with my friends whom we call brothers and sisters Show more Show less