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Hi I'm David

I'm an architect living in Utah. I enjoy being around people and find things to learn from everyone I meet.

About Me

I grew up in Utah County. I was involved with scouting a lot as a youth. I traveled to Russia during a summer while in high school to attend the First International Russian Jamboree. I served a mission for the church for two years in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia mission. I served as a Spanish speaking missionary. I still get to use my Spanish every now and then. . . but it is pretty rusty. I would love to learn more languages. I worked at a family business all growing up. It is a skating rink, for the most part. I enjoyed working there. Like a lot of architects, I work a lot. I do anything from programming to construction administration. The last project I worked on was three years long, starting with a study of the building, design, construction documents and finally the construction administration. There are many times that I work late after helping my wife put the kids to bed. I always manage to eat dinner with my family when I'm in town and we enjoy reading scriptures together as a family and singing songs from the hymn book and childrens' songbook before tucking them in bed. My favorite places are: 1. Wherever my wife is. 2. Northern California in the foothills between Tahoe and Sacramento. 3. The Temple 4. The mountains of Utah 5. Lake Powell Big cities are fun. I love to see the cool architecture that you can find there. But I always enjoy coming home to the slower pace where I can enjoy time with my growing family.

Why I am a Mormon

The question of why I'm a Mormon is an interesting one because the obvious answer in my case would seem to be that I have always been a Mormon so it is just tradition right? Perhaps a better question would be why I am still a Mormon. So the answer to that question is either I refuse to break tradition by blindly doing what I have always done because it is easier or it is a constant choice where I choose to be who I am because of a conscious desision. The truth is the latter. I seek for truth and when I find truth, I do my best to incorporate it into my life. I have met people from many faiths and people who have no faith at all and they all have some level of truth which they have incorporated into their character. As I keep my eyes and mind open, I can make conscious choices that define who I am. There is nothing good that I have found in the world that is not set forth in the words of the Bible and Book of Mormon. You could dig up ancient civilizations and study them for years and you would not learn a spec more of the truth that will save us than what is currently found in the Bible and Book of Mormon. They work together. That does not mean that everything is revealed. On the contrary, the Bible and Book of Mormon teach us that one of the greatest truths is that God reveals truth to his children here on earth and we are all his children. He does not stop talking, but he teaches the same principles to all if they will listen and have faith. So as I have tried to find truth, the Spirit has borne witness to my heart about what is true. The Spirit has testified to my heart and mind that the Bible and Book of Mormon are the word of God. They both go together as a witness that there is truth and God reveals it to us. He has a plan for us and He reveals that plan to us through the patterns described in those scriptures. I am a Mormon because God reveals and the LDS church is the shining example of what happens when people listen when God speaks.

How I live my faith

The gospel does not mean anything unless I can live it every day. I am one person, not a person with many hats. That means that I live my faith in the way that I work and play, in the way I treat strangers and my family. I have spent time serving at a local homeless shelter and I have been active in other community organizations such as the United States Green Building Council which tries to make better buildings for people. At work I spend a good chunk of time helping others with questions they have dealing with software they are using. I'm always happy to share things I have learned rather than trying to make myself irreplaceable by hoarding all my software knowledge or making myselfe look like the only one who knows X. That may not be the best business strategy, but in th end, I'll be happy that I took the time to lift others up rather than keeping them down. Talents are meant to be shared. I love good, uplifting music and good art. There is so much bad music and bad art out there that the world praises. I love how I feel when I find a good piece of music that I feel is inspired or a beautiful piece of art that inspires good feelings.