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Hi I'm Seve

I grew up in Texas, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am pretty much your average person, i love music and just chillaxing with my friends. I also love theater, and spent the majority of my school years involved in school productions such as Annie, Eurydice, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, and lots of others. i've attended so far one full year of college, still havent decided my major, but I'm thinking about going into medicine maybe or film, since those two things are so closely related. in my spare time i like to turn on some music and build houses on Google Scketchup, I like creating things i guess. I also like to dance, I'm not the best but it sure is something fun to do. I also enjoy camping and and going on hikes. this last spring i was able to go to Zion's National park with some friends and spend the weekend hiking. It was awesome. They were worried my old worn down shoes wouldnt be able to take it, but i made it out ok. recently I decided I want to climb Everest... but i think maybe I'll just stick to figuring out my future first.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I choose to be. I was born within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints (a Mormon), however having grown up I have realized that i would have to choose whether or not i would follow the teachings of my Savior on my own regardless of my bringing up. I am a Mormon because I have come to learn for myself the reality of our Savior and of his Gospel. I have come to learn through some trial and error that this is the place that God our father wants me to be. I remember one night while i was alone in my room, i was feeling particularly down. i wondered to myself if God was really my heavenly father, i wondered if i really ment anything to him, if before this life i was close to him or just some creation. i kneeled down to pray, and i asked my father in heaven if he knew me, i asked him if he cared, if i was close to him before this life. as i prayed, a feeling of peace came over me, it was one of the most wonderful feelings i have ever felt in my life. i knew then that God loved me, that i was his child, the he knew me, and that we were close. from then on in my life i must admit that i have not always made the best decisions, however everytime i have turned to Christ and to my Father in Heaven he has always been there. always. i know he still loves us, and that he speaks to us through a living prophet in these days just as in times of old. i am Mormon because here is where i have found the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today. it isnt just a "church" to me, its home, its the way back to our heavenly father, its him reaching out to me and to us today saying that he hasnt forgotten us. i have a testimony of the Book of Mormon as well. i feel so close to my Savior while reading that book, and that is because it testifies of him and his Gospel. using the Book of Mormon and the Bible together will bring us closer to our Savior. I know that this is true. i know that Christ lives, i know that he loves me, and you.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith everyday to the best of my abilities. within the church i have been called as a Ward Missionary. with this calling its my responsibility to assist in finding and teaching and welcoming others into the Gospel. every thursday and during the week we meet and go out and visit people, to teach and offer any service that we can. I am also a Hometeacher. a Hometeachers responsibility is to go out and vist families in the congregation and to provide service for them if they need anything. The Lord's Gospel is focused around families and in a way his Church is like one big family. we are all expected to look out for one another, to sacrafice our time and tallents to help uplift eachother and those around us. This December i will be leaving home for 2 years to serve a full time mission. it will be my responsibility and privlidge to bring the knowledge of Christ's restored Gospel to the wonderfull people of the Yucatan Peninsula. part of living my faith is living in a way that will allow the Holy Ghost to be with me as i try to spread the Lords message of love and hope to my fellow brothers and sisters. i feel overwhelmed sometime when i think about this responsibiltiy. i know that Christ lives, and hope that i will be able to do my best to serve him, and to allow the Holy Ghost to enter the lives of the people i will meet to teach them, and to bring them home to Christ. im not perfect, but the church is a hospital, not a rest home. it is on the earth to bring us light, encouragment, healing, hope, love, and home to our Father in Heaven. i try each day to read and study the scriptures, i discovered i need them more than i ever knew. they help me to stay on the right path. i also try to be kind to those around me, and to remember that everyone is a child of God and that he loves us all.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Mormon missionaries proselyte because they want to share the message of Christ and his gospel, and the blessings of joy and peace that it brings into peoples lives. Personaly, i know that my desire to serve a mission has come by the experiences I have had as a member of this church. I know that Christ lives and is our savior, and I want to share that message with everyone because I know how much it has blessed my life, and how much it can and will bless the lives of others who take the time to listen. They go door to door, or on bikes, or in cars because they have a love of others and a desire to help them. If Christ were on the earth at this very moment I imagine he would want to be out helping and reaching out to others; and as followers of Christ they are trying to do the same thing. They sacrafice one and a half to two years of their lives because of the love they have for you and me, and the love they have for our Savior. They want to help. They want others to be happy. They want to do as our Savior would. Show more Show less