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Hi I'm Scott

I am a Mormon living in sunny Southern California who loves God, family, basketball and scuba diving.

About Me

I have been married to my wife for over 14 years and she is truly my best friend. We have three beautiful girls and the youngest is our boy. It's wonderful to experience being a father to both girls and boys. We have found that they have become the priority in our lives. I enjoy spending time alone with each of them (bowling, horseback riding, theater performances, etc.). I graduated from BYU in accounting and obtained a graduate degree in Taxation. I am employed as a Tax Director for a company in Orange County. Whenever I have alone time (usually when the kids are in bed), I love playing or watching basketball.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in Salt Lake City immersed in the Mormon culture. My father was a convert at the age of 18. My mother came from generations of faithful Mormons. Both raised their six children in an environment where they were diligent in teaching their children to live in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But all of that would be for naught if somewhere along the line I hadn't opened my heart to the message and allowed the truth to sink deep into my soul. I can't honestly say that I had one single awe-inspiring moment at which point my life changed. Instead, I am a Mormon because of countless experiences where I have felt an undeniable spiritual witness of the truthfulness of principles currently taught within the LDS church. In fact, as I look back there was never a time that I wavered about the truthfulness of what my parents taught me. I know that my Savior loves me personally. He died and suffered that I might be clean and worthy to return to live with him some day. Now it becomes my responsibility to be eligible for His atoning sacrifice through the choices I make every day to try to become more like Him. I know that the Mormon church is led by divine authority. That divine authority knows how the organization should be run for He is the same that established it anciently. Within Christ's church is found the only authority to officiate in ordinances, like baptism, necessary for salvation. I also know that in 1820, Joseph Smith saw the Father and the Son who instructed him to restore the Lord's ancient church to our modern dispensation. And it is that same church that exists today, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that is entrusted to men on earth who have been authorized and divinely called as prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ to do what He would say and do if He were here. The Mormon church has the fulness of the gospel and will change your life if you will open your heart and simply seek after truth.

How I live my faith

The best part of my faith is that it teaches me to minimize self and focus on the needs of others. I take very seriously my responsibility to serve my family as the financial provider within the home. Outside of the home, I attempt to become friends with my neighbors and perform kind acts of service when appropriate. Also, every member of the church is asked to give of their time and abilities in filling a needed role within the church. These opportunities to serve or "callings" help each one of us meet the needs of other members of our ward. And since the church has no paid ministry, we must all jump in and do our part to ensure the true gospel is taught and individual needs are met. Several years ago, I was asked to fill the role of Bishop in our ward (congregation). This is equivalent to a Minister or Pastor in other churches. I can honestly say that these last few years I have loved ministering unto the wonderful families in our ward. They are important to me and I have benefitted greatly from loving each of them and helping them through their difficult times. I grow immensely from watching those around me overcome their trials and continue to grow stronger in their convictions. This has been a very special period of my life where I have felt great strength and assistance in trying to help others.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that the family is central to the plan our Father in Heaven has prepared for us and that marriage is ordained of God. We are also taught that if we are obedient and live in accordance with what we know to be true, we will have the ability to return and live with our Father in Heaven again. We are promised that if we do our part, we will truly become like Him. I can think of no better plan for me to become like my Father in Heaven than to insert me within a small unit made up of a loving mother and innocent children and expect me to become a kind, loving, generous, wise father myself. And while I am far from mastering this challenge, it is the "trying" every day that helps me become stronger and more like Him. And if I prove worthy, I will be eligible to return and live, not only with my Father in Heaven, but also with my family I helped establish here on earth. A loving Father in Heaven would not permit such a mortal experience to be devoid of the opportunity to continue these important family relationships beyond the grave. I consider this my most sacred promised blessing to live with my family forever. Show more Show less