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Hi I'm Niles

I grew up in North Cali, I hate the snow but I love to swim! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to think that I started my life in the water. while I know this to be false, swimming or other wise being in the water has always been enjoyable to me. be it swimming, tubing, skiing, hiking to natural springs, or just plain messing around in the water. The only job I really had before my mission was a lifeguard! which in my opinion is the best job there really is. My summers were spend almost completely in a swim suit, because of my vast water activities. But on top of water, my first love, I've taken enjoyment in virtual art, game programing, and audio mixing. If I wasn't in the water I was on a computer pounding out the details of my many projects I would dream up while pondering throughout the day. Mostly I think this life is to enjoy. so that's what i did. found my talents and ran with it, or should I say swim with it....

Why I am a Mormon

For most my young live I've kinda been on the rock about, if this is all true. I like proof. I guess by nature I'm just a very mathematical, scientific person. but I longed for some great spiritual sign of some sort to come down and basically prove to me one way or the other. I continued through the motions, following the commandments of god, but still lacking that assurance. then it occurred to me, to preserve faith god answers us in gentle ways. I found that I felt his spirit in the form of peace, and understanding. Something I always had but never acknowledged. To this day I'm no longer looking for that sign.

How I live my faith

Well currently I'm serving a full time mission. I leave home for two years, call home twice a year, and loving every minute of it. a lot of people, ask why do you give up so much to do this? the answer is really I am not giving it up. sacrifice brings forth blessings, and have I seen that in my life! and also I know the blessings living the gospel gives me, and when you find something like that you want to share it. this Is my opportunity to change one life for the better, forever. and I've had wonderfully experiences thus far, and I have the opportunity to have them daily.

What is faith?

The dictionary definition is believing against evidence. I like to think of it as a light switch. say you have never used a light switch before and you've been told by flipping the switch the light will turn on. you would have faith if you believe if what you have been told is true. That is if you flip the switch the light turns on. Now notice the light will not turn on if you do not flip the switch. no matter how strong your faith is the light will not turn on with out action. Lets say you do flip the switch, the light turns on. your faith now increases, becuase you know that the same cause will allow the same effect. You know the light will turn on the next time you flip the switch. The only way to build faith is to try to flip the switch. Faith requires action to grow. In the gospel we have been told how to turn on the light. it's given to us in the scriptures, by our prophets, and at times from the Holy Ghost. none of them alone will give you faith. we must act apon what we have learned. By following the commandments, praying, going to church, ect. We can see the blessings that come from these, which builds our faith becuase we see that heavenly father gave us the blessing which he promised. Show more Show less