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Hi I'm Sara

I am an educator, wife, and mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I joined to church when I was 17 years old. I am now 25, a wife, and a mother of a sweet baby girl! I love children's books and being outdoors. I enjoy my current job as a full time mother.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I had wonderful friend whom is now my husband, who was not afraid to share his beliefs with me. I was not raised in any certain religious group, but always believe in God. I can say though that I didn't really know who he was nor did I think too much about it. Then when the gospel was shared with me the things I was being taught just made sense. Of course I was asked to pray about it, which I did. My conversion story is nothing miraculous when it comes to gaining my testimony. I just prayed and I knew that my Father in Heaven was real and that I was indeed his child. It is one of those times when you say I just know. It is miraculous in that the knowledge of who you are and your divine potential changes your attitude an gives you great hope. I know without a doubt that there is a loving Father in Heaven who sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to come to earth to prepare the way for all of his other beloved children and to be an example to us. I know that our Father in Heaven has a plan and that we are literally his children whom he has sent to earth to be tested and to experience the joy of life so that we can gain experiences to help us grow and be able to return to our Father in Heaven. How grateful I am for eternal families and the opportunity we have have to be with our families forever, IF we make correct choices and keep the commandments. Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and was an instrument in restoring the gospel to the earth. I know that he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and they spoke to him. I know all of these things not because someone else convinced me of this, but because I have asked the only person that would know if these things were honestly right, and that is my Father in Heaven.

How I live my faith

My faith is lived each day as I try to be an example of the Savior and be like him. I live my faith by attending church and assisting with the young women of the church in my area. Scripture study and prayer are two main ways that faith is evident in our home. We strive to have family scripture study and prayer along with gospel discussion. Ultimately, I live my faith by remembering who I am and trying to rise to that potential.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

As members of the Mormon church we believe in modern day prophets. We know that there were many prophets in the Holy Bible and that they were used to spread God's word. We believe that they are called by God not man and that they are the same as Moses or Abraham or many others. After Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ he became the prophet. After his death another prophet was called even until present day. A prophet holds his place until he dies. I know that prophets are alive today because who would willing subject themselves to ridicule and insults and others telling them they are false. Only one who truly knows who he serves. Show more Show less