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Hi I'm Kwin

And I'm constantly searching for answers too.

About Me

I'm currently enrolled at a university and will soon earn my bachelor's degree. I really enjoy sports and will watch and play basketball whenever I get the chance. I really like entertainment and look for any books, movies, and games that are funny, uplifting, and wholesome. I like exploring new things and having new experiences. I like to live a healthy lifestyle by sleeping, eating, and exercising well. I really enjoy learning. I like simple work such as chopping wood, hauling dirt, or even household chores. I consider myself a very witty person which also gets me in trouble on occasion when I say too much. I like to be the class clown or attention getter at a party. I am a normal person with normal dreams and goals, just trying to get through life but more especially to enjoy it.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was born into Mormon culture, I was not converted at heart for some time. I attended church meetings and tried to live the church's standards but doubted the church's truthfulness. In my late adolescence the thought that I could be living a lie became too much for me to bear. I needed to either change my religion or figure out if it was true. I considered the church's doctrines and the wonderful promises that are contained in it. I gained a sincere desire to want to believe in the church. I coupled my study with earnest prayer and began to feel better about the direction I was headed. I kept trying even harder and found that the more I sincerely wanted to believe and participate in the church the more I discovered it to be true, the more I felt the Holy Ghost, and the more I knew that Jesus Christ was my friend and redeemer. My knowledge continues, even at present, to solidify causing me to know with more surety every day that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is God's one and true church upon the earth.

How I live my faith

The way I measure how well I live my faith is by what I am willing to sacrifice for it. One thing I do is serve in my faith. I've been given many responsibilities in my faith and hope to have many more. As an eighteen year-old I taught 4-7 year-old children every Sunday. It was one of my first realizations of how little I know about the mysteries of God as I struggled to teach little children the most basic principles. I was later a missionary for the church in Mexico. After that wonderful experience I served by helping the men of my congregation watch over the spiritual and physical well-being of the other members of our congregation and even of some people who were not. The Lord has taught me something specific through each of these responsibilities, but I also live my faith by many more informal methods. I attempt to share my faith with anyone that might be willing to hear more about and befriend them even if they don't. I pray regularly and read from the scriptures daily. I counsel with my Heavenly Father before every major decision I make and pray that I will be wise on the smaller decisions. Almost every thing I do, from the clothes I wear, to the way I interact with others, to the way I go to school, and even how I have fun are greatly influenced by my faith. It may sound like I overestimate the effects of living my faith, but I can not argue with the peace, comfort, and joy that of have brought to me because I have decided to live my faith so devoutly.

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

While the husband and wife have different roles in the family, they work together as equals to make sure that the family is properly nurtured and provided for. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

I believe that a family is the most important social bond on the earth. Not only because a family is "good sociology" but because we have eternal relationships with them. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

As a Mormon I revere but do not worship Joseph Smith. Though I hold him in high esteem I know for certain that only through Jesus Christ can I be saved. Show more Show less