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Hi I'm Mike Gaudio

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I'm retired from the Air Force. I serve on my local school board. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello! My wife and I empty nesters now, and are starting to welcome our grandchildren into the world--that's the most important thing to us right now. As the kids were moving out, I retired from the Air Force after twenty years, and have started a second career (though I wish sometimes that I would have retired correctly the first time!). I'm volunteering in my community by serving on the school board. My wife and I love to hike in the local mountains, and to garden when we have time. I love the fall—football, crisp weather, and the holiday season just around the corner—what could be better?

Why I am a Mormon

My faith has slowly developed over the course of my life—it wasn’t always strong like it is today. I was raised in the church, by great parents who taught me to follow Jesus Christ’s teachings. Once out on my own, it wasn’t important to me to live like I was raised, since I wanted to make my own way. After a few years, I looked back and realized that I wasn’t becoming who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a happy person who worked to serve others, but I was neither. Fortunately, my wife joined the church then, and helped me realize that I could be who I wanted to be by getting back to following the principles I had been taught growing up. However, remaining on the path wasn’t easy for me. I kept stubbornly thinking that I could live my life however I wanted, and occasionally pay attention to principles of right and wrong, and things would still be fine. I was even less happy living between the two worlds. It wasn’t until I fully committed myself that I started to become the person I’m hoping to be. These experiences gave me a testimony of the principle James taught when he wrote, “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2:20) I know that we need to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ—faith that he lives, that he loves you and me and all of us, and that he wants us to return and live with him. But I also have a testimony of the “works” we need to do. For me, the works are the following his teachings to ensure my own happiness. An added blessing is that I get to return to live with him as long as I remain faithful. “But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:13) I am a Mormon today because I want to be saved, and I want to be saved with my family. This church teaches me how to do that, and I believe with all my heart that Christ has already done his part for me by suffering for my sins. As long as my family and I do our part by following his commandments, we will be able to live with Him for eternity!

How I live my faith

Being a Mormon is a commitment—to your church, to your community, and to yourself. First, the church believes strongly in service, and provides ample opportunity. I have had the opportunity to teach children, youth, and adults lessons from the life of Christ, and from the prophets who taught of Christ. These opportunities helped me grow more than I ever would have on my own. The church also gives opportunities in other areas—I’ve organized visits to the sick, the elderly, and the widows. I’ve organized financial and administrative records to ensure a proper accounting. I’ve worked with Boy Scouts, and learned leadership principles that I’ve used in my day job. I have benefited more from my service than the church has! Next, the church encourages people to volunteer in their communities, as they’re able. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to serve as an elected official on my local school board right now. I’ve also been able to work many fund raisers to bring money for scholarships and other local community aid. I’ve been able to clean up after disasters, and work to maintain parks. I’ve volunteered in many different areas, and am always excited about how many good people we have in our communities! Finally, the church teaches us to commit to treating ourselves correctly, to live in a way that will bring us the most peace and happiness. We do this by following the principles the Master taught. I believe in those principles—when I treat others the way I think Christ would have, I feel good about the other person, and myself. When I avoid actions that I wouldn’t want anyone in my family to see me do, I keep myself from having bad memories, and am proud of my actions. Living up to these commitments sounds like a lot of work . . . and it is. But I know I’m happiest when I do. If you’ll commit to following Christ’s teachings, you will find the peace and happiness you’re looking for. His hand is reaching for you—you just need to take it, and let him lead you!