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Hi I'm Rebecca Pierce

I'm a home schooling stay at home mother of three daughters with a photography business on the side. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

If I described my interests, hobbies and daily life here I'd sound like an over-scheduled, busy body. So. Let me start by saying that I take a nap every single day. I have Narcolepsy and that nap is like a prescription drug to me. At about noon I need a couch so I can doze off for 20 minutes to an hour. My kids? you ask. If all goes as planned, they settle in for a little Tom and Jerry and I get nap time success. I am passionate about people. I connect easily with people of all walks of life. If I knew when I went to college that you could major in people (Psychology, American studies, anthropology), I would have passed on my English degree. I have friends for whom I would do anything and who would do anything for me. I had two of my elementary school teachers send me wedding presents. I married my high school sweetheart, and last week I took pictures of a friend I've known since kindergarten. I collect friends, because I value people I share my history with. I like everything better when I can do it with someone else. I love taking pictures of families laughing together or catching an eye roll from a tweenager who just had her mom use saliva to clean her cheek. I hate laundry, but add a friend to the floor filled with piles of clothing and I could fold all day long. I love my family. Having my children around me and each other all day every day brings me a lot of joy. My husband swoops in at the end of the day like SUPERDAD and gives me the break I need.

Why I am a Mormon

I love being a "Mormon". The best thing I know because of my beliefs is that I can know everything I want to know for myself. I was taught since childhood that I can know the truth of all things...things from any and all sources by simply asking God, "Is this right?" or "Is this true?" We are God's children and he wants to give us every instruction he has to guide us through life. He doesn't expect us to be rote followers or to flail around uncertain about our futures in a world full of professed truths, we just need to ask HIM and he will reveal the truth to us. For me, knowing the truth feels like peace. I don't second guess or keep wondering if it is right, because it just feels right. When I have contemplated things that weren't right for me, I have felt uneasy, anxious and continued asking, "is this okay?" Those feelings of war inside myself come from the Spirit to tell me, "this isn't right for you." This truth has helped me choose big things in my life...like, should I attend this University? Should I serve a mission? Should I marry the kid I went to prom with? Am I ready to be a mother? And it has guided me in my daily life, telling me to apologize when I offend someone and if it is safe to send my kids to gymnastics when the media has me freaked out about a deadly flu virus. I try to teach my children this so that they don't rely solely on me for guidance. I can see that my 9 year old knows what it feels like in her gut when she has told a lie and only she knows. If she wants to feel peaceful again, she needs to come clean. The Spirit gnaws at her mind until she would rather confess her lie than continue feeling conflict inside. I know during times when I have been proud and continually ignored the answers from The Spirit in my life it has gotten less and less discernible. When I seek guidance regularly and listen for guidance daily, it is easier to feel and understand. I am grateful to know that I can pray for guidance and it will come.

How I live my faith

If you know other Mormons, you know we give a lot of time to our congregations. With no lay clergy, we all have to share the responsibility of making sure the big and small things happen, keeping all the balls in the air at once. Sometimes we have more responsibility and sometimes we have less...it isn't a hierarchy or progression where one responsibility leads to the next. Right now I meet twice a month with the 8-12 year old girls for fun, faith promoting activities. At this stage in my life with four young children, I find the biggest role I have is being a friend to others in my ward who are in the same place in life as I am. Many of my friends are in the "my kids hung all over me today" stage of life, and we need adult conversation and a chance to vent with people who understand us. I love getting together with friends because it always feels like we might solve the world's problems by the time we are through. We support each other by getting together and talking about how we need to lose weight, how our three year old is probably diagnosably insane (which is when the mom with the four year old will reassure us that it's just a stage) or what is for dinner that night. I think it is lovely that we can find opportunities to serve one another through friendship and sisterhood.