Jonah: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jonah

About Me

I'm a college student and working part-time to pay the bills. Also, I am an avid writer. I love to put my thoughts about the gospel in my journal. I feel I can understand the scriptures much better that way.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because this is where I have found the ultimate secret in knowing good from evil. That is, I've found the ultimate sieve and filter for knowing if deceptive ideas are right or wrong. And that filter is Christ himself. He guides this church. In 2nd Nephi it says that we need not suppose that after the Bible that "God will remain silent" for there is no such writing in any book in the Bible. This gospel is the only living and growing gospel on this earth bearing fruits from the one true vine, who is Jesus Christ. I testify these things not of myself but of Christ. Amen.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

The Book of Mormon is like a pomegranate to me. 1. The pomegranate is a super fruit. It has 300% of daily recommended vitamin c in one fruit as well as 100% daily recommended potassium. 2. The pomegranate is a unique unfamiliar fruit. Most people avoid trying it. It takes patience to eat its difficult and numerous seeds. 3. I love it personally and offer it to others. In every single way mentioned above, the Book of Mormon is similar. It is a superfruit of scripture and in it is the greatest of nutrition and teachings of Christ. Because it is such a unique and plainly good fruit people who have not tried it develop bias or misunderstanding. Or, having their own fruit such as an apple, seek to say theirs is just as good. When they are lacking the greater good of the superfruit. I offer this fruit freely to others and tell them that they must first try it and pray about it. If you have read some, then read the rest, for like the pomegranate, it takes patience to finish its tasty numerous seeds, and like the pomegranate, it is well worth it, but in this case, it is extremely worth it.

Please share your feelings/testimony of Joseph Smith.

I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I know that he lived the gospel and preached of it all his days until with his matyrdom and dying breath his heavenly father's name was on his lips. I testify that Christ established his church in this day for you and for me. Joseph Smith joined a great group of prophets who went before him and also died testifying of Christ. His was not a wasted sacrifice.

How I live my faith

I tell others of the gospel as frequently as possible. I love to go to labor in my current calling as a "Family History Consultant" in my ward. I also participate in something called Home Teaching, where me and a companion go and visit a member of the church and seek opportunities to serve and help them and teach them. We are like a big family in our ward.