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Hi I'm Gordon Lawlor

I am a husband, father, grandfather and businessman.

About Me

I grew up on a farm in Canada as the youngest of nine children. Both my mother and father came from families that had converted to the Mormon Church. They were active members of this church and raised their family according to its doctrines and standards. As a teen I was tempted to seek a manner of living that was less restrictive and allowed one to engage in what appeared to be more of the pleasures and freedoms of the world. However, after sowing a few “wild oats” I found that my experiment brought conflict to my soul and I decided to find out for myself, if possible, what God would have me do so that I would be able to have peace and joy in my life. My personal conversion story began with reading the Book of Mormon. As I read it a wonderful feeling began to fill my heart, a feeling that is difficult to explain, but it was a feeling of peace, joy, knowing that God knew who I was, and understanding what the purpose of our lives is. Additionally, I learned that God is able to communicate with us by filling our mind with truth and confirming the truth to our heart. I had the greatest desire to share this message of the Book of Mormon and of God's plan and purpose for our lives with anyone who would listen to me, and I decided to go on a mission for the Mormon Church. I served for two years in California, sharing the message of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ with other people--anyone who would listen to me and seek to know truth for themselves.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that our lives have purpose. Through the teachings and writings of prophets, those in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I know that we lived before we came to earth. I know that we are here to gain a physical body, experience all that I have referred to above, and that we will continue to live after we die. God has a wonderful plan for us. I have not found the teachings of any church that gives me as complete an understanding of life as do the teachings of the Mormon Church. I know that many churches teach of Christ, and I know that many churches have many good teachings are filled with many wonderful and good people, all of which are also children of God whom he loves as much as he does me. However, this Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the church that brings me joy, peace and understanding of my life and its purpose—that’s why I am a member of it.

How I live my faith

I believe that faith is a spiritual muscle that comes from exercise just like our physical muscles. If we are to be strong physically we must be willing to endure the training, exercise and restraint that is required: Likewise, if we are to be strong spiritually, we must be willing to endure the resistance training of trials, hardship, temptation, and pain. God is making us into who we are capable of becoming. This principle is probably the greatest key for me as I seek to live by faith. It enables me to remember to be patient, to seek to forgive others, and to know that when I serve others I am serving God who loves all of his children. When I encounter challenges in my life, and when I see them in other’s lives, I know that God is working to make me and them stronger—that He is merciful and kind, and that he knows that we can become like Him.

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

Gordon Lawlor
We believe that baptism is a covenant or a promise that both symbolizes our commitment to God and his commitment to us. We believe it is also a requirement to enter onto a path that leads to Eternal life. In John 3:5 Jesus answered Nicodemus question about baptism by saying, "...Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kngdom of God." By baptism we enter onto the path...the next step is staying on that path. That is a commitment that isn't easy. Show more Show less