What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Stephanie.

I went to law school. Now I'm a full-time mom. I love my job. I love my husband. I love to try new things. And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Las Vegas, but have lived many places in my life, including San Francisco, Chicago, Utah, Boston, LA, and London. My husband is currently getting his MBA at a top-5 business school and I am doing my best to be a great full-time mom! I really value education. I have my bachelor's degree and a juris doctorate degree. I graduated from law school with honors and passed the bar exam in my state, but made the choice to set my career aside for now so that I could stay at home and be a full-time mom. Best decision ever. (Although sometimes being a mom is often harder than having a full time job! When are my days off? Ha!) I love to try new things and keep busy. While in college I took art classes, singing, cooking, figure skating, bowling, and 10 different dance classes! I also love to read, when I can make the time. I love swimming, waterskiing and going to the lake. (Lake Powell is my favorite!) And, I am trying to teach myself photography so I can make my kids look as good on film as they do in person. I love my family. I love learning. I love trying new things. I'm a scholar, an athelete, an artist, a mom and a Mormon.... And I am happy.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know in my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is really Christ's church. The gospel gives me answers to life's greatest questions about why we are here and where we are going; it gives me answers that make sense, that feel right. The Holy Spirit brings peace and understanding to me as I learn and pray about the teachings and doctrine of the Mormon faith. When I pray, I feel like my prayers are heard. When I read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, I feel peace in my heart and learn lessons that help me to feel like I am coming to know and understand my Savior. I love my Savior and I want to be like him. As a Mormon, I grow closer to him.

How I live my faith

Above all else, I try to do whaty I believe Heavenly Father would want me to do. I do my best to live the most moral, Chrsitlike life I can. Although I often fall far short of the mark, I believe that with the help of our Savior and a sincere effort I can become more like Him each day. In order to try to be like the Savior, there are some basic things that I do every day and every week to try to grow closer to Him. The simple things include praying at meal time, morning, and night and saying prayers with my family each day. I read from the scriptures daily and I attend church meetings each Sunday. I pay tithing, 10% of what my husband and I earn as income. I try to listen to the Holy Ghost in my life and have peace in my home and family. As a member of the church, I also have a job assignment--a "calling". Most church members have a calling-- a job we volunteer to do without pay. We don't choose how or where we serve, but are asked to serve the church in this way. Every job in the church is unpaid and callings change around often, giving us a chance to serve in lots of different ways. For the past four years I worked with the children from age 1 1/2 to age 11 as a teacher and leader. Recently, I was asked instead to be in charge of helping out with caring for the new moms and babies in our congregation. I visit with them and see how we can best support them during those tough first few weeks with a newborn. Usually the women's group in our congregation helps cook and bring meals to the families with new babies and helps watch their other children or provide them with moral support... whatever they need. Church membership is also fun. Our ward also has lots of activities and social gatherings. The moms have weekly play groups. There is a book group. We have holiday parties and craft nights. Going to all of the activites really helped me to make friends quickly after my recent move, too.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

What if a plumber who lived down the street tried to write you a ticket for speeding? Or you tried to fill a prescription at the pharmacy that was written by your daughter's 5-year-old playmate? What if the lifeguard at the city pool tried to perform your wedding ceremony? Well, your driving record would be clean, your prescription would NOT be filled, and you'd still be single. Those people, however good intentioned, didn't have the proper authority to do the things they were trying to do. Our government requires that certain important tasks only be performed by those with the proper authority and qualifications. Similarly, The Kingdom of Heaven requires that important ordinances such as baptism, confirmation, and eternal marriage be performed by those with the proper authority from God. Without authority from Heavenly Father, performing the ordinance of baptism (however good intentioned) doesn't mean much. Show more Show less