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Hi I'm Brent

I grew up in Kansas. I'm a father of four and I'm Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife and I have one boy and three girls, ages 15 through 9. We stay very busy doing our best to raise them. If I have to say what my main hobby is that's it: providing for and raising my family. Beyond that, I enjoy doing lots of different things when I have time such as camping, hiking, sailing, karaoke, cooking, reading (favorite genre is historic novels), running, taking my family on trips, model railroading and following a few favorite sports teams such as BYU football/basketball generally whatever ever professional teams those players end up on. I'm also a Scoutmaster for my son's scout troop and I run a business that produces and distributes family-friendly military-themed entertainment products.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents raised me in the Mormon faith but that's not why I'm a Mormon (I prefer to call myself a Latter-day Saint, or LDS). The reason I am LDS is because I know the Book of Mormon is true. When I was 13 years old I began reading the Book of Mormon. I had no particular purpose in mind as I began to read. I had recently changed my attitude and behavior for the better and this was a continuation of that change of heart. One Sunday afternoon as I read while laying on the my bed, I began to feel a warm feeling which started in my heart and quickly spread throughout my entire body. I had felt something like this when I was confirmed a member of the church at age eight. Part of the confirmation - which my father performed - is to be blessed to receive the Holy Ghost as your constant companion. When my father said the words "I say to you receive the Holy Ghost" I felt this powerful warm feeling sweep into my body. I learned at that time what the Holy Ghost feels like. Even though my parents were devout members and even though I regularly heard other church members say that they knew that the Book of Mormon was true, I clearly understood at a young age that that might not be the case and that most of the world would not think so. I also realized that the evidence would probably be inconclusive either way. So when the same overpowering, warm feeling came to me again at age 13 as I was reading the Book of Mormon, I recognized it as the Holy Ghost. I thought to myself, is this the Holy Ghost telling me that the Book of Mormon is true? at which point the feeling increased in intensity, answering my question in the affirmative. I then posed two other questions: was Joseph Smith really a prophet (in other words, was he truthful in his various accounts such as seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? Being told that all church's of the day were wrong? Of being directed to restore Jesus Christ's true church? and more) and secondly, was the church's current president and prophet (Spencer Kimball at the time) God's chosen prophet. With both of those two follow questions that I posed in my mind the feeling intensified. I knew that the Holy Spirit had born witness to me that the church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints is God's one and only true church on the earth. I also knew that God would hold me accountable from that time by how I lived and that I must share what I knew with others when appropriate and never deny it. And THAT is the reason I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving in whatever position I'm asked to in my church, by living up to my marital and family commitments, and by doing my best to treat others the way I would like to be treated. I'm currently assigned as an Assistant Scout Master for my congregation's Boy Scout Troop which my son is a member of. I served an LDS mission in Korea when I was 19-20 years old and plan to serve again with my wife after I retire.