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Hi I'm Dale

Hi, I'm a bread man

About Me

Me, not so exciting a person if I have to say so. My life has been one mistake after another, But one thing I ALWAYS PICK MYSELF UP, DUST MYSELF OFF, AND START AGAIN. I'm not one to give up so easily. Sometimes I've hung by the proverbial thread, but The Lord has always been there to give me strength when i thought all was lost. Whether it was trying to complete a task, work at the job place, or getting into a relationship that seems to have been sometimes rough going, the Lord has been there.I'm not a big time know it all man, but hope to know a lot more with time. My relationship with the Lord is cool. I understand that the Lord is not some distant god, non-caring, and not willing to answer, but a God that cares how I feel and what I do. I speak to Him and he speaks back. That's what has given me strength throughout all these years I guess. I do what I can to help all the people around me and receive lots of encouragement in return. I try to help when I can and do what I can, to help where I can, doing something using God's talents he has loaned me to better myself and help those around me wherever I am. I guess that's who I am in a nutshell. Thanks for listening.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was six or seven I attended the Hard Shell Baptist Church which was my dad's church. After a couple of years my mom said we needed to try her faith church which was the LDS church. After many sporadic visits with my family we started to attend there. With time we became less churchy and more worldly, but a faithful hometeacher came by and promised to pick me up on Sundays. He did. I went to Members houses and felt the spirit there and went to their family meetings such as family home evening and scripture reading. With time I decided to go on a mission. On said mission, I asked myself, How can I teach, if I don't know what I'm saying is true, especially if my only source was reading about it, saying prayers, and attending church. That was not the testimony I was looking for. I needed to know what I was doing was right. Otherwise I was wasting time and money, doing what I thought was right and not what was right. So I did the thinkable, I prayed. And nothing happened. I prayed again and nothing happened. So I said there must be something I'm doing wrong. So I started praying harder, studying harder, working harder. Weeks went by, some of the members asked me what's wrong, but I couldn't tell them what I was thinking, the last thing I wanted was to bring down innocents on my sinking ship. It was affecting me, not knowing. After many trials to my faith in many different ways, and much study and prayer. The Lord let me know in his own way that He exists and Loves me and what I was doing was right.

How I live my faith

Bread delivery has been my work for many years now. When youth groups need bread or organizations helping youth need bread I'm right there. Whether it's a Halloween carnival, fall festival, football game, baseball game or whatever, I feel it a worth while activity, especially when youth are involved. I am always willing to help all I can. I love the youth activities and what they do for our youth. The Lord has blessed me with some talents, i try to use them when i can. Trials get quite complex as you get older. But The Lord has not forgotten me. Just never give up and keep putting one foot in front of the other till your journey is done. upward and onward forever.