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Hi I'm Carsten

I live in Afghanistan. I love running, chess and traveling. I believe in Jesus Christ.

About Me

I'm in my twenties. I recently completed my undergraduate in Industrial/Organization Psychology. I now live and work in Afghanistan, supporting our American heroes. My dad was in the Air Force so I've never stayed in one location very long. I have lived in Germany, Virginia, Arkansas, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and now Afghanistan. Friends and family make my world go round. I enjoy just about anything if I'm surrounded by a few good souls. Regardless of whether I'm good at any of these, I enjoy laughing, chess, running, swimming, backpacking, climbing, snow sports, traveling and just having a good ol time. I've participated in full or half marathons in Utah, Idaho, Germany and Morocco and have plans to add to the list soon. I've also played chess with strangers in Oregon and Mexico. For multiple years, one of my dreams has been to visit every Mormon temple throughout the world. That's a lofty goal, considering there are currently 170+ temples operating or underway, scattered throughout 49 countries. It's gonna take some time and thriftiness... but I'm gonna do it!

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I love God and Jesus Christ and I love the Holy Ghost. Identifying as Mormon is where they have directed me. When I pray, God answers. When I search for truth and understanding in the scriptures, God shows me. When I am in need, God reaches out (often through people). When I am lonely, He comforts. When I am angry, He pacifies. When I am frustrated, He understands me. God loves us and will lead us. My intent is not to boast, but rather to inspire faith. Not only has God loved me but has lead, reached out, and communicated with me. I need Him and His love and patience. He fills me with hope and purpose. God loves us. I too love Him. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been the vehicle that has instructed, encouraged, and enabled my relationship with God to grow and flourish. Obviously people don't have to be Mormon to have the relationship with God that I mentioned above. Having said that, being Mormon has lifted and beautified my life and my relationship with God in more ways then I could ever describe here. The short answer to why I am a Mormon is because I love God. He has filled me with the Holy Ghost. I believe Him! If any of my responses have inspired you and you would like to talk to me, feel free to reach out via Facebook. I am the only Carsten Haueter. Be sure to mention Mormon.org in your message or else I might accidentally ignore it.

How I live my faith

First of all, living my faith includes a lot of trying. I am a firm believer that we only fail if we give up. I live my faith the same way now that faithful believers lived their faith anciently. Namely, I strive to deepen my relationship with God and Christ and follow the counsel of Their prophets. I consistently try to be better--to listen better, to be more humble, more believing, more kind and loving. I place God and his will for me above my own, my family's and my employer's will for me. It is hard to be obedient to God when it goes against the will of those we love and admire, but I can't think of anything more precious then following a prompting when I knew it was from God. Those experiences are rich and they sustain me. The following is a list of things I do frequently, because we have been directed to by living prophets. These things are a sacrifice but always reward me with more then I gave. Daily scripture study; Daily prayer; Keeping God's commandments; Attending church weekly and taking the Sacrament; Fasting monthly; Giving a tenth of my income to God via the church; Visiting the temple; Doing volunteer work among neighbors and in the community; and much more. These actions may just seem like words in a list but I testify that through them God has lifted, loved and taught me. God's commandments may seem like daunting demands but the reality is that they are special opportunities. Try Him! Test God by living his teachings to see if they truly enhance your life. They have for me. :)

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Mormons live happily and wisely. Active Mormons live wisely because they choose to follow Gods word and they live happily because they choose to follow Gods word. We view God's instructions from the Bible and other scriptures as wise guidance rather than restrictive guidelines. Why does a parent ask their toddler not to get close to a hot burner? Is it because the parent simply wants to be controlling and manipulative of the child? No. The loving parent doesn't want the child to get hurt. Mormons view God's commandments the same way. God is our Father and we are His children. Because He loves us has has given us counsel (found in the scriptures) that we can follow if we don't want to "get hurt". Mormons also believe that God continues to guide and warn us through a prophet today, just as in old Bible days. I follow the current prophet, Thomas S. Monson, because I powerfully feel the Spirit of God everytime this man speaks. I know his message is from God. I also know from experience that by following God's counsel, I always end up happy and grateful that I did. Show more Show less