Adriano: Mormon.

Hi I'm Adriano

About Me

I'm married for 38 years and have one daughter one grand-son and a grand-daughter. My wife and I served a full time mission in Cape Verde Island West Africa now where called to serve in the Cordoba temple Argentina for a period of 23 months . I'm a member of the church for 36 years.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm grateful for the two missionaries whom knocked at my door and changed my life and the lives of my families

Personal Stories

Please share your feelings/testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel.

On November 1978 the two Elder Daniel Ferris and Elder Taylor from the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS knocked on my door in Port Chester New York, they wanted to share their message with me , I was waching my favorite soap opera on tv and I turned them away, I was not interested what they have to say me. I closed the door behind them and my wife who was at the kitchen preparing our lunch and she asked who it was?, I said it was two missionaries from a church and she said let them in, I was already upset, because they wore interrupting my tv soap opera, I want them to go away they started talking about the vision that Joseph Smith had, to tell the true I was not paying attention what they wore talking about,they asked if they can come in another day and I said to them it was okey,after they left ,there was noting good on tv, my wife went back to kitchen to finish our lunch, before the missionaries left they left two pamphlet one it was the testimony of Joseph Smith and the other it was a plan of salvation at the table, I laid down on sofa and pick it up the testimony of Joseph Smith and read, I felt the spirit very strong about his vision I knew at that moment that his story it was true, I could not denied, I jump from the sofa, I told my wife that the story of this young man it was true and she said that we have to be careful, because in the bible said in the latter days, we would have a false prophet, when the missionaries knocked on our doors it was a answer from her prayers, because she was praying for a true church. The missionaries thought us the plan of salvation and the first vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I always be grateful for the two Elders who Knocked at our my door 36 years ago, that changed my life and the lives of my family and future generations

How I live my faith

I attend Sunday service every Sunday and currently serving as ordinance worker in Orlando FloridaTemple . I read the scriptures every day with my wife and do family home evening.