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Hi I'm Rehn

I've lived all over the country, love to see the sights, follow all sports, I'm a Dad and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have lived in the East, the West and now the Midwest. My young family and I moved to the MIdwest to persue a Master's Degree in HR and have stayed. I have 4 boys who keep us busy, with sports, school and all the other activities. I love sports myself and love to play golf when I can (which lately isn't very often). I work in Human Resourses in the Health Care Industry and currently serve as our congregations Bishop (ecclesiastical leader).

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have lived the teachings and it has blessed my life. My parents raised us in the church, and so I have learned the teachings and principles from an early age. As we moved around, we were very often the only Mormon in our school class, which at times was difficult because the things that I knew to be right often didn't mesh with what my friends wanted to do. It would have been easier to do what they were doing, but I had felt what I believed in was right. As I lived the commandments and made those hard choices, I was able to see how the Lord blessed my and later my own family's life.

How I live my faith

We live our faith through many avenues. The first is through service. We have a lay clergy, so everyone pitches in in the congregation. I currently serve as the congregation's Bishop (ecclesiastical leader) and my wife serves in the Primary (children's sunday school). We have both had various opportunities to serve since we have been married, working with Youth, Children, new membmers and other leaderhsip positions. While this represents additional time, we have seen it bless the lives of others, and consequently our own. Hopefully this will be an example for our children. Helping our children learn about and become disciples of Jesus Christ is another way that we try to live our faith. We work hard to make our house a place where they can feel the love of the Lord. We read the scriptures and pray as a family regularly and have set apart Monday as a night to be together as a family and learn about the Gospel. We also have a lot of fun.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

We believe the Word of Wisdom si the Lord's law of Health, which encourages people to eat/drink certain things (Healthy) and discourages people to not eat/drink certain things (Tabacco, Coffee, Tea, Alchohol etc...). This is certainly something that differentiates Moromons frmo other religions. I believe and have seen in my own life, the Lord blesses those who adhere to the Word of Wisdom. As a High Shcooler, I loved to play basketball. At the begining of the basketball Season for my Senior Year, we had some gruelling practices. One in particular I was really struggling and other around me apeared to not be. I was trying to make a good impression, but was quickly running out of gas. I knew that virtually all of the team did not participate in the Word of Wisdom, and I said a little prayer asking the Lord for help because of the obedience that I had shown to the Word of Wisdom. I remember a burst of energy that allowed me to not onlyh finish the drill that we were on, but finish first and excel for that practice. I know the Lord helped me. I also know that he has blessed me throughout my life. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

I believe that husband and wife are in a partnership with the Lord. We believe that families are eternal and that we can and will be together after this life if we keep the Lord's commandments. Because of this the relationship with my spouse is eternally important. Often times marraige is described as a 50/50 proposition, I believe that it has to be 100/100 in order to be truly sucessful. While typically men are providers and women care for the children, that may not always work, and unless both the husband and the wife are actively involved with all aspects of the family, issues can become bigger. I am greteful that my wife is not only dedicated to our family, but to the Lord and returning to live with hime as a family. Show more Show less