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Hi I'm Christopher

We became Mormons and brought our family from England to California 30 years ago

About Me

"Being born of goodly parents", seventy three years ago in Yorkshire, England ,and now father of seven children, Senior Vice President of a group of Companies living in California with factories in California and Vietnam, a Home Teacher, Family History Consultant and a Temple worker in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, my family and I joy in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ . In fulfillment of ancient scripture , my wife's compassion and a glass of water was instrumental in bringing us both into The Mormon Church during our early years of marriage. The bible records that two thousand years ago,an apostle wrote “For who so ever shall give you a cup of water because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward (Mark 9:41)" We most certainly have received our reward through the power of The Holy Ghost and through the Mormon missionaries who were calling door to door in our street in England that hot summers day. My wife had compassion on them and simply offered them a drink. of water The Apostle Paul once wrote "Through small things great things are brought to pass" and they were. My wife arranged a future appointment because she knew that I had researched the mass of today's religions and was still searching for answers .Upon answering a knock on the door at the appointed time ,when we met the missionaries all those years ago it was instant recognition for both It seemed like almost meeting old friends again Previous acquaintance was impossible since we had never met before. After all was said and done these missionaries were from Idaho, USA and as for me an Englishman who had never traveled to the United States. And yet it was as though we had known one another in the dim and distant past.. Years later one of them called me and said “ it was revealed to me that before this world was created and the plan of salvation was announced in that great council in heaven ,(job 38:7) I covenanted with you to find you and reveal to your house the fullness of the new and everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and invite you to become a member. All this happened long long ago when it was my time to be born onto this earth, receive the Priesthood and my mission call to go to England ” I believed him since it was all in harmony with the prayerful meditations and understandings that were given to me in answer to my own questions .Those young men are both still alive today. One of them is Director of a major Us Corporation and we still keep in touch after all these years .

Why I am a Mormon

When it is given to you to know as it has been given me , that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of The Restoration and that Jesus is The Christ then it is time to do some thing about it .The poet wrote “two paths crossed within the woods, I took the one less traveled and that, made all the difference” Since early boyhood following an extraordinary spiritual experience answers to my prayers had set me upon the course of seeking out the various religions of the day,attending their meetings and diligently searching through their doctrines for truth.During the later period of Military service it had been revealed to me of a certainty that "Jesus is The Christ" The revelation at that time (.like previous others) was so powerful as to cause me to fully set my direction and investigations so as to attend as many Christian denominational meetings as possible in the hope of finding the restored gospel. When the Mormon Missionaries first introduced the gospel to us all those years ago using our own King James version of the Bible my wife and I instantly began to feel the spirit of revelation (The Holy Ghost) testify unto us of “truth’s fullness” contained within these new perceptions. I had never experienced or felt such a marvelous witness of any principle of truth before or undergone the magnitude of personal transformation which my whole being could sense progressively taking place within me with each visitation. These events were so dramatic that it was almost like taking a shower and feeling clean afterwords . Deepening study of the Book of Mormon shed a brightness of new understanding of The Bible and brought with it what seemed like an actual light and expansion within my soul which continues to this very day. As I read the Book of Mormon ,The Doctrine and Covenants ,Articles of Faith and Jesus the Christ ,s Sleep and Food seemed to become burdensome .I recall the evening that we were challenged to be baptized we both sat on the bedside and agreed on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and all that we now so clearly understood to be true. I asked my wife “ Do you think that we should be baptized” ? . I will always remember her reply. “It will change our lives"…she said … "If we do not become baptized” , then because it is true there is nothing, else left for us if we reject the truth, is there “ ? Often when I read the scriptures today my whole being seems to be drawn out in gratitude and frequently moved to tears with such remembrances as this It is also a marvelous thing to me that from all the teaming billions of people alive today that it is my privilege to have been called to the Melchizedek Priesthood have my first wife (who is now deceased) and my present wife whom I dearly love and all my children sealed to me for time and for all eternity .

How I live my faith

It is so important to me to keep the commandments without which I know of a surety the spirit of The Lord would no longer sustain me and much of the happiness that our family enjoy would depart. . Together with mighty prayer, walking each day when weather permits , daily scripture study and research into every principle both spiritual, temporal and intellectual my wife and I are family History Consultants,Indexers,Visiting and Home Teachers ,regular Church goers and Temple Workers in,California . The Book of Mormon King Benjamin once said “When ye are in the service of your fellow man then you are in the service of your God” in consequence of which counsel, although we are both advanced in years my wife Dianne still teaches little children at School and I work full time in a Corporation providing products internationally and discuss gospel principles with all I can. Work and Prayer are regular disciplines within our home and constant calls and contact with immediate and extended family members creates good bonding .We both enjoy monthly visits with other Church Members for whom we feel a sense of responsibility and which is called “Home teaching” and “Visiting teaching and generates a love and sense of responsibility ” These duties enable us to become familiar with any cases of need and provide that information to our local Bishopric for them to determine what must be done to help. In many instances children can be taken care of or food provided by members of the Relief Society even in the form of cooked meals provided on a daily bases where a mother is incapacitated.

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

For the past thirty none years foreign exchange students from all over the world have lived with our family in our home .They always look upon us as Mum and Dad and usually attend The University of Irvine to study the American language and culture. Just the last few months we have had young men from China, Japan and Korea The two Saudi Arabian students who are living in our home today are both Muslim and will stay about ten months and we respect and love them all . Having studied the Quran and it’s origins we all engage in great religious discussions on The Quran, The Hadith, Sharia Law ,The Torah and The Gospel together . We always teach them aspects of the gospel and explain to them that the Book of Mormon reveals that “None shall come to this land save that they shall be brought by the hand of The Lord” and we explain that they came to America not only to learn a new tongue but to have their eyes opened to a greater understanding of liberty .It is such a joy to meet the ever changing youth of the world actually in our own home from all cultures and to share the glorious message of Salvation with them according to their individual level of understanding. Our wide experience of each branch of religion forms a grand bases by which we are able to reach out and heal national differences and share our knowledge of our eternal relationship of brotherhood as children of our Father in Heaven.Some times they accompany us to Church .When they return to their own home lands they will have had first hand experience of influence of the Mormon Church in their lives. We once had a Saudi Arabian Prince return to America after many years and bring his new wife and children to meet with us in remembrance of his happy days. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

The person in whom we should center all our faith is The Lord Jesus Christ . He is the one person who has overcome all things even death itself. In coming to earth and undergoing all that He went through he became perfected in mercy and extends to all of us that mercy and understanding if we will but call upon The Father in the name of His only begotten Son (in the flesh) in mighty prayer Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

Women are by nature nurturing charitable and loving and do not need ordination to the Priesthood to learn these priciples like the bretheren , Women are called into a veriety of positions but lead in the Church in a greater measure by example than do the bretheren. By supporting their husbands many women lead their children to honor parenting and the role of a father. Show more Show less