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Hi I'm Joe

I sell groceries for a living and I'm a Mormon who loves to attend church each Sunday with our local congregation.

About Me

I am a husband of 29 years. My wife and I are proud parents of three wonderful girls, one son-in-law and grandparents to three grandsons. We don't think we are old enough to be grandparents but we are enjoying it very much. We have lived in Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota and now after being gone from Arizona for 12 years -- We are back! We have moved around with my work where I am a shopper marketing executive in the grocery industry. I like to play softball and basketball, though my body does not hold up as well as it used to. I was raised by a mother of great faith. She taught my brothers, sisters and I to pray and to rely on the Lord. I learned at an early age that God knows me and my trials and if I listen closely He can guide me though my trials by the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Last year I was called to be the Bishop of our local congregation. It is such a blessing to be able to see daily the wonderful members seeking God and striving to follow Him.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe I am very fortunate that my ancestors came across missionaries from the LDS Church and found the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. On my mother's side, there are several of my ancestors back 4 and 5 generations that showed the faith to change and accept the Gospel. My father, also joined the church as a young adult. That having been said, I had the opportunity to chose at a young age to follow God and His Spirit which guides my life. Yes, I make mistakes but the faster I change them and repent, the happier I am. I try hard to listen to answers to my prayers. There is a peace that is found in knowing that you are following God's will for you.

How I live my faith

I try to lead my family by showing faith in Christ daily by praying with and for my wife and children. We sing hymns of faith and read from the scriptures. I have had the opportunity to teach the Old Testament and New Testament Sunday School Classes at our local congregation. I love the Bible and I am very grateful for those who have both written and preserved it. I also enjoy studying and teaching from the Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is fun to learn of the testimonies of those who lived here on the American continent around the time that Christ was born in Bethlehem. These testimonies of Christ strengthen my faith in the testimonies of the Prophets and Apostles in the Bible. Together they combine to be a beautiful witness of Christ's birth, crucifixion, atonement and resurrection and of Christ's love for all of us as His children. I love visiting our local Temple which is an amazing experience. It is a house of prayer. In LDS Temples families are united through sacred ordinances. Husband and wife can be sealed together for all eternity (not 'til death do they part), as well as join parents and children bound together for eternity. Eternal truths that help us get through this life are also taught there.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

In the past I taught the Old Testament Sunday School Class in our congregation. The focus of this 52 week course is to study how the Prophets of the Old Testament teach and testify of the coming of Christ. I believe very much in the Prophets of old. I have a great deal of respect for Moses, Adam, Enoch, Isaiah, Jeremiah and others. Each of them foretold of the day that the Savior Jesus Christ would be born, live and die for all mankind. In the same way that I believe in the Prophets of old, I believe there are prophets again upon the earth. They testify of the past events of the Bible and teach us the things we should do in a world that is different than is was before the industrial and technical revolutions. Now the world seems to be going through a social revolution. If ever there was a need for Prophets to be on the earth, it seems that the time is now. Prophets also help us prepare for the time when Christ will return to the earth. I am very grateful that I know about living Prophets. I consider Thomas S. Monson a Prophet just like I consider Isaiah to be a Prophet. Show more Show less