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Hi I'm Jenny Jump

I'm Lumbee, I'm a teacher for the University of Florida, I'm involved in 4-H shooting sports and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

When I'm not working on material to teach, I can often be found in one of two places. Either doing ballroom dancing, or at the shooting range. I'm an addicted to the great out doors & running, however I am far from being small. I believe Life is what you make out of it. I'm in my late 20's and single so I spend a lot of time traveling the world, I've lived in three countries. If I could be any animal it would be a dead lock between a horse & an eagle! I am the person people tell you, you can't miss, yep i'm energetic and adventurous. I have learned you have no control over what happens to you in life BUT you have complete control over how you react to the life you have been given. I love the blessing I have been given and the perspective that having the restored gospel has given me. I joined the church almost 10 years ago, the one thing I can say it has taught me more then anything in the last 10 years is the fact that the Lord loves me and to never lose HOPE! It only gets better, and it does get better I promise!!

Why I am a Mormon

The reason I am a Mormon is simple, because I am a Child of Heavenly Father, and as his daughter he has sent me here to this earth to be tested, and well the answer to all the questions I have ever had where and our answered in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! :o) You see I came from a "hard" life, My mom became a single mom who struggled from the broken pieces my father left behind when he finally got put into jail. I had to grow up fast and hard. My mom worked nights saving peoples physical lives as an EMT but the strain of the life she was dealt was killing her inside. She was religious and tried to teach us to be good Christians, but I often felt as if Christ didn't care, if he did he wouldn't of let things happen like they did. I lived a lot of my life angry and bitter at the Lord, my older sister was the same. She sought comfort from drugs, and men early in life, which just added more heart ache and pain into our family. I watched what this did to her and I knew there was no true comfort there, so I started looking for the source of peace. It was at the age of 14 that I looked at my mother in a matter of fact of tone, and said WE ARE GOING TO CHURCH! My mother knew much like her I was head strong and would not let it rest. So church hopping we went. We finally found a small non denominational church about 20 min. from our house and we where very active in it. However the preacher despite his trying still couldn't explain some of my questions. I pushed them aside and grew of what knowledge I could gain, and grow I did. I still had those questions that one day I would get answered. Well at the age of 18 those answers came in the oddest way possible. I landed an amazing internship with the biggest company in the world, DISNEY! But on our way there we got lost, and we passed the temple. I felt something in me glow, I felt hope. I then had a friend of that faith a month later introduce me to the "elders" who answered ALL of the questions I had.

How I live my faith

I have the opportunity to work with many members here in sunny Florida. I work hand in hand with the leaders in our local units to help uplift the adults ages 18-30 who are single. We plan activities that are fun & adventurous while also providing a spiritually uplifting experience. I also have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the gospel through teaching lessons to the woman of our unit who are a part of the LARGEST organization of woman world wide known as Relief Society. And these woman do just that, they are our first line defenders and protectors of the Lords sheep!! They are often the first to come and the last to leave in times of misery as well as joy. This organization knows no age and am I ever glad! Some of my now best friends are my moms age, but act far from the role of a mom, they are truly my sisters in Christ. I also serve monthly in Temple in Orlando. The Temple is a place where all aspects of the world melt away at it's doors. There faithful saints of all race, gender, and social economical settings become equal. We are all dressed in white clothing lacking the adornments of the worlds fashions. With in those walls we learn more about the Savior and his love for us. There is nothing secret about the temple, however for us it is a place of sanctity, it truly is a refuge from the storms that rage in all of our lives. At work I am asked why I stay so busy with my church and when will I ever have fun, and I laugh and say my service in the church is fun. I enjoy ever moment that I get to spend with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, from "snow ball" fights at a bond fire, to pulling weeds at a service project, this Gospel and the Saints uplift and change my life every day. I think maybe that's why it's called the plan of happiness because it makes us all so happy!!