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Hi I'm Deb

My conversion to the Mormon faith has made my life richer. Read on to find out how!

About Me

I am a happily married 60 year old mother of 6 children. Currently I work as a school social worker with preschoolers who have serious disabilities. 3 of my kids are married and several of them live in other states. One is a college student at BYU and our youngest is a missionary for the church in Nevada. I like to read biographies and historical fiction. Gardening is another hobby but the growing season is short here in Michigan. I like to make my own cards and do a little sewing when I have time. I am looking forward to retirement so that I can pursue my interests more fully.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the church when I was 17 years old. I grew up in a difficult situation and saw first hand the effects that alcoholism and smoking can have on a family as I watched my father die of lung cancer and liver disease. I determined at a young age that I would never drink or smoke. While in secondary school, the youth at my protestant church began drinking and smoking at church activities. I told my mom that I could be a better person if I didn't go to church. My mom quickly began looking for another church and read in the newspaper that George Romney- who was then Governor of Michigan- was a Mormon and didn't drink or smoke. She called the church and asked to hear more about it. Soon, my mother and I became members. I was able to go to a Mormon college and enjoyed meeting others with similar values and beliefs. Initially I was just interested in the values of the church but over the years I have found much more than that. I have developed a relationship with God my Father and Jesus Christ that has filled all of the gaps that were created in my childhood and have developed trust where I had none. I can't imagine my life without the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the great healing that has occurred as a result of my 43 years of membership.

How I live my faith

I am not without problems and difficulties but I do always believe that through prayer, any problem can be resolved. I work with the youth of our church and marvel at the strength that they have in a world that is full of temptation. I am very happy that I had the gospel message to use in raising my own children. All of our lives have been so much happier because of it. As a new member from a difficult past, I had many obstacles to overcome. There were times when I didn't think that I could make it but God was always there for me in a special way that I can't describe. I always felt like I was his most special daughter ever and that He took extra care of me because of all I had been through. My husband and I have found that our faith has carried us through difficulties in our marriage and with our children. We feel like our home has become a very happy and fun place to be. All of our children get along and support each other - which is something I never dreamed was possible. As a social worker my favorite thing to do is networking. I have a list of names on my e-mail and when I see a need in the inner city neighborhood I work in, I e-mail my list and see if anyone has the needed items. Typically I get all of the items I request and more... My husband often is often pressed into service to deliver the items with his minivan.

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

The church is nick named the 'Mormon Church' because we use the Book of Mormon along with the Bible. The Book of Mormon was written on gold plates by ancient Americans in Bible times. In the 1830's God directed a young man to find it and translate it so that we could have it today. This man was the first prophet in our times and his name was Joseph Smith. I believe that God still directs his church today through a living prophet. As a youth I often wondered why we didn't have a prophet in our times. The message that we have a living prophet today was also one of the things that drew me to the church. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Since I grew up in a Protestant church, I found the Mormon church services to be somewhat different than the meetings I was used to as a child. First of all, we had a nursery at our Protestant church where all babies and young children went during the worship service. The Mormon church service includes all family members and can be a little noisey to a first comer of another faith. I welcomed the opportunity to bring my young children to the worship service so that they could be with the family as we worshipped, learn reverent behavior, and feel the Spirit of the Lord in their lives. I also think that there is an element of safety in having families be together during worship services rather than with a child care worker. Another difference that I found was that once a month the Mormon church has a testimony meeting. I thought it was quite strange when I first witnessed members standing to share their beliefs but it soon grew to be one of my favorite church experiences. I was used to going to church for about 2 hours and the Mormon church has a third meeting where the children, youth, women and men meet separately for lessons specific to them. I enjoy the 3rd hour and often add choir to make it 4. Sunday is a welcome day of spiritual renewal for me. Show more Show less