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Hi I'm Sarah Jenkins

I'm a busy mom with a million interests on the side. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

From the moment I wake up, I am constantly running around to keep up with my active 1 and 3 year old daughters. I am lucky to stay home with them full-time while my husband is a PhD student at Georgia Tech. I am so grateful that I have the chance to be there for my girls, to catch all their big moments and treasure all of the little sweet ones. It isn't easy, though, and I often find myself exhausted, frustrated, and altogether run down! As important as it is for me to be there for my kids, I find it just as important to have a break once in a while and remember that I am an individual with needs and interests, too! Children can be so all-consuming. It takes active effort to hold onto my own identity and not let myself get swept up in the needs of the household until I am too overwhelmed to find joy in motherhood. Great family life is a huge balancing act. With the support of my caring husband, and babysitting help from my in-laws, I spend at least a couple of hours each week working on my own interests and hobbies. I paint and make both hand-built and wheel-thrown ceramic pottery. I love learning about homesteading arts and have had fun in the last couple of years as I've developed better skills in gardening, canning, soap making and cooking from scratch. I'm interested in diet and nutrition, emergency preparedness, politics and home improvement. But, most of all, I love tea parties and playing barbies with my girls.

Why I am a Mormon

I appreciate the freedom that I enjoy from living the gospel. A lot of my friends think that following a religion that sets rules and guidelines limits your freedom, but I have found that just the opposite is true. When I make choices that are not in line with the church´s teachings, I end up feeling hopeless, depressed and trapped by despair or by the negative consequences of my actions. When I try to live virtuously, following Christ´s example, I have opportunities to learn and grow without burdens or constraints.

How I live my faith

To me, the gospel means change. If I am blessed with the knowledge of the atonement of Jesus Christ, I want to use it daily—hourly if necessary! I want to continually try to be better so that I can be on the path to becoming the type of person that the Lord would have me be. I practice constant self-reflection. I consider the positive things that I do and also those things which I should be improving. Each day, I try to focus on one weakness and develop a strategy to try and overcome that weakness.

How can faith in Jesus Christ influence us in our marriages and family relationships? in our friendships?

Sarah Jenkins
When we repent of our sins, we believe that we can become cleansed from those sins because Christ has taken that burden upon himself. As we cast out burdens upon the Lord, we have the opportunity to change, to become new people and leave our mistakes behind us. One way that this can help our relationships is by allowing us the opportunity to change our behaviors, attitudes and feelings towards others. Aside from the personal ramifications of the atonement, there are interpersonal elements as well. Christ did not take upon himself only our sins. He decided that every single person was worth the infinite suffering of the atonement. When we understand this aspect of the atonement, we can see others as special souls who were of infinite worth to the savior and ought to be of infinite worth to us as well. Also, our relationships can improve as we accept that because Christ suffered for the mistakes of others, it is not our place to judge or punish them. If a spouse, child or parent does something unkind to us, there is peace in knowing that Christ has already forgiven that individual for their unkind act and so it is our duty to forgive them as well. Justice has already been satisfied through the atonement and so grudges, retaliation or hurt feelings are not a fair response. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Sarah Jenkins
One way to increase our faith in Jesus Christ is by following his commandments. Christ taught that we should love one another, be clean, virtuous and honest. If we experiment on his words, or if we just try to keep the commandments and watch what happens, we will reap the blessings of obedience. Such blessings can be a witness to us that following Jesus Christ will lead to peace and happiness. Show more Show less