What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Karyann

I'm a wife, I'm a foster mom and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My husband and I grew up together in a small town but ended up at the same big university where we started dating. Before we were married, we both thought about getting into foster care and now, with less than three years of marriage under our belts, we've opened our home to foster children.

Why I am a Mormon

I remember times when I was in grade school and feeling discouraged about making friends and being who I wanted to be. During these hard times, my belief in the Savior Jesus Christ strengthened me and helped me to know that I was not alone. I feel that strength as an adult as my challenges are different but my need for the help of a loving Father and Heaven and a Savior are just as strong. Sometimes there are days when I don't feel I've done my best--our house is a mess, the kids are fighting--the small things that can get anybody down; but it's those days when I know that the Spirit of God is guiding me and strengthening me. I feel His love tugging at my heart, reminding me to pray, to seek His help again. I think of the numberless times in the scriptures when the prophets testify that "His hand is stretched out still." This is the most beautiful promise, that we are never a lost cause, and that we are always loved by a caring Father in Heaven. It is incredible to me that a God who is perfect finds beauty in me, He loves me and wants me to return to Him.

How I live my faith

My husband and I teach the 3 and 4 year old children in our ward. We love the time we get to spend with these sweet children and to feel their simple faith in Jesus Christ.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are just like women all over the world. We have goals, dreams, and have achieved some great accomplishments. We love our families and we are dedicated to our communities and making them a better place for everyone's children to grow up in. We are encouraged to obtain as much education as we can, whether formal or not. Women enjoy an equal partnership with men. We support the male priesthood holders and take an active role in helping them to remain worthy so that they can serve the members of our congregations and communities, and lead their families. In our organization for women, called the Relief Society we focus on serving with the motto, "Charity Never Faileth." We believe that women have a special ability to nurture. We put that ability to work by focusing on the family, caring for the community and strengthening each other. Show more Show less

What are Mormon Temples used for?

The temples are places where we learn about God and about His plan for His children. There we participate in covenants or promises for ourselves that we will live according to God's commandments and in an elevated way. We promise to be clean and worthy to serve God's children. After we have made these promises for ourselves, we return and help those who have died to make those promises for themselves by proxy--or acting in their behalf. Going to temple to do work by proxy is a wonderful time to remember our personal promises and to learn more and more about our Savior, why He came to this earth for us and what it is that we came to this life to do. The temple is a clean and quiet place where God's love is felt in every corner. It is His house on earth, and He has invited us all to come and feel His love there. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

The most significant thing to me about what Mormons believe about God is that He is actually our Heavenly Father. We believe He created our Spirits and that we can return to Him and someday be like Him. What's great about this is that He knows us as individuals. We also know Him too. When I feel close to God, it is a familiar feeling--the feeling of being close to my Father. Not only that, but I am close to a loving Father in Heaven. He is merciful and good and He loves each of us equally. He doesn't compare us to others, I think He encourages us to live up to what He knows is our own potential. And because we are His children--that potential is divine and with His help is entirely possible. Show more Show less