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Hi I'm Randy

I am a veterinarian. I love my family, animals and gardening and currently serve as a bishop. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love my family! I have an amazing wife and four wonderful daughters (two just recently married within 5 weeks of each other). The love of animals led me to a career as a veterinarian. I have spent most of my professional life treating pets and serving their owners. Currently I spend much of my time managing three 24 hour veterinary hospitals. My job is rewarding and interesting, but stretches me as well. Gardening is a developed love – it is relaxing and fulfilling and teaches me much about life. I also enjoy sports and producing amateur videos. My love of the Lord leads me to serve wherever I am called. I have served as a teacher of 4 year olds, scoutmaster, Sunday school teacher, bishopric counselor, Varsity scout leader and currently I am serving as the bishop of my ward (congregation).

Why I am a Mormon

One of the reasons I love gardening is that it is based in reality. My veterinarian training in the scientific method also has made me very careful in my decisions and has shown me the need to ‘Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.’ Gardening is so much like life. The law of the harvest is simple, but with significant consequences – if we do not plant the seeds, we cannot get the fruit. I have learned that 'seed technology' is beyond man’s capability. The creation of plant life is beyond what I know and can do. So I must rely on the Lord for the wonderful miracle of life within that seed. I then must do my part and prepare my ground and water it, protect it and nurture it. Without the Lord’s blessing of the sun – all my efforts would be in vain. And so it is with life – I have come to know that God truly is my Heavenly Father and blesses me with what I need to grow and progress in this life. I must make significant effort in my life to learn what I am supposed to become and them make every effort to do so. Now of course, weeds come along, as do birds and gophers and freezing weather. These are also part of life and I must adapt and make corrections and put in effort to protect my garden and continue working at it despite failures and heartache. With good and consistent effort we see that the fruit of our labors is satisfying and it becomes apparent that the seed has fulfilled its destiny. As God’s children, our destiny is to be with Him – as part of His family. I believe that a loving Heavenly Father has never left His children alone on this earth. I also have come to know that the Son of God is like that sun I mentioned above – without him – we could not progress and grow to become what God wants us to be. He is our Savior and Redeemer and is absolutely committed to saving every person who has ever lived – if we will. I have come to see the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as real and something that has held up perfectly to all my tests and questions. I was born in an LDS home and my family faithfully went to church. My dad was called to build LDS churches in England from the time I was 6 until 9 years of age. There the seed was planted in my soil and I found that it felt good to grow and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But, like every one who has ever been converted to this church, I knew that I had to find out for myself whether it was true or not. In my teenage years I read the Book of Mormon and asked the Lord if it was true. Over several months, the Lord gave me a sure witness through the Holy Ghost that this was really true. That the Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he in fact saw the Father and the Son and that the Book of Mormon is a true spiritual history of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. That wasn’t the end. In the laboratory of life – its truthfulness has been proven over and again to my heart and my mind. We believe in a living prophet. I have watched as counsel and prophesy over the past 40 plus years have in fact been verified and fulfilled. On my mission to Guam and Micronesia, I came to know how very real God is and how much he is interested in the success of this church. I saw miracles in the lives of people as they accepted the gospel. I saw the Priesthood of God in action through me as devils were cast out of homes and individuals were restored to health. I knew that what I often taught was beyond my ability as a 20 year old young man. I had words given to me to speak that truly inspired and lifted. As bishop, I have also been given the words to say that were beyond my thoughts, but which give direction and comfort to those who need it. I have seen the direct hand of the Lord in making callings to individuals – and then later it is confirmed how very right those callings were.. I have come to know that the gospel fruit is delicious and brings joy to me. It is as real as tasting the tomato from the seed that I planted. It is as sure as treating diabetes in a dog with insulin and seeing a return to good health. I have come to know that this is in fact the Church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

My life as a bishop is one of service and helping others in whatever way I can. It is very satisfying to assist those that are struggling with personal problems, illness, financial difficulties and sin. There are also many meetings that I participate in where we discuss the needs of the ward and how we can ‘lift up the hands that hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees.’ It is a calling that I must rely very much upon the Lord to provide others with comfort and direction. After this I will be asked to serve in another calling – perhaps as a teacher or some calling I have not yet had. Any chance to serve in whatever capacity is a blessing and brings joy into my life. We do not call ourselves to serve and are not paid for any service we give (except by the Lord and his pay is excellent!).

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Sacred ordinances are performed in Temples for the Salvation of men and women and the sealing or uniting of couples and families for all eternity by the Priesthood of God. It is there that the great mercy of the Lord is manifested to ALL His children. What other Church in the entire world has in its doctrine and teachings that those not of their faith may still be saved if they lived a life to the best of their ability and then after they were dead – received ordinances performed for them within the House of the Lord? We know that Jesus taught that a man must be born of water and of the spirit or else he could not enter into the kingdom of God. Sacred baptism for those who have gone before and who never heard of the Church or perhaps even of Jesus Christ – are performed in the Temple by the Priesthood so that they too may be received into the Lord’s presence. Show more Show less