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Hi I'm Eric

I studied Shiatsu massage and music. I am the bassist for an independent alternative rock band. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a wonderful family with my mom staying at home to raise my 3 brothers and me and my dad working very hard to provide for all of us. My parents are both very musically talented and that transferred to us kids. So my brothers and I decided to start a band together and follow our dreams to make music our career. I play electric bass, my brother plays piano, my other brother plays drums, and our good friend plays guitar. We have been working extremely hard and having some good success. I love it and it makes us all happy to share our talents with the world and to see what we can do with it. I have always tried to be positive and optimistic about life and that has made life much better for me. I am a recovering addict who has seen a lot of the dark side of life. But there is so much good in the world! If you can't laugh at yourself or your circumstances life can be extremely difficult. But I feel it wasn't meant to be easy. And I enjoy when the rubber hits the road. Those moments of decision that make or break a person. I love my family and I can't wait to create my own family unit. I have never been married and I am in my early 30's so it has been a long time coming! I love the outdoors and camping and can't wait to share the joys of life with my future wife and children. I love music! I love learning about other cultures and parts of the world and would love to travel extensively. But there's no place like home! My family is everything to me.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents taught me from a young age to believe in the teachings of Christ and His restored Church. It seems I have known the Gospel all of my life. However, that was insufficient for me to really truly believe. I had to find the truth for myself. I lived a life away from the Church for almost a decade. I explored many ways of life and different belief systems. My search for truth and happiness seemed to always wind up in a dead end. I finally had enough and I began to wonder if what I had been taught in my youth was really true all along. Through countless experiences of faith and confirmations of truth that I felt from a power that I can only describe as Heavenly, I came to a sure knowledge that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. It is true because it teaches the all-encompassing nature of truth. Everything that is true, whether it be discovered through science, my own senses, school, experience, or faith, is considered part of the Gospel of Christ. The most earth-shattering truths that made me who I am today are these: God is real, He is our spirit-Father, He wants to bless us with everything that he has because He loves us perfectly, spiritual truth is discerned through the eyes of faith-not through skepticism and doubt, God does show us marvelous truth if we humbly seek it, Jesus Christ paid an infinite debt in order for us to be healed spiritually and return to the Father, a prophet is on the earth today, and The Book of Mormon and Bible are true.

How I live my faith

I cannot even begin to think about claiming perfection. We all know that nobody can. However, in spite of my many many flaws, there are things that I do which strengthen my faith, bring me closer to God, and just make me happy to be alive in Christ. Lately, I have been really trying to focus on living outside of my own selfish purposes. Christ was the perfect example of service. He gave it freely and without hesitation. Therefore, when I get the feeling that somebody within my influence may need a helping hand or a word of encouragement, I am determined to reach out right away. When I have done that, without fail I find that the person actually did benefit from my service or really did need my help. I love hearing people say, "How did you know I was struggling" because it confirms to me that God is guiding my life and is mindful of all of His children. I truly believe in the brotherhood of man and the pure love of God. Every person has a specific purpose and talents with which to carry it out. I serve in my church by counseling with a presidency over a group of about 50 men. Our purpose is to serve, to lift, to help, encourage, strengthen, and protect the men over whom I have responsibility. We are to make sure their spiritual and temporal needs are being met and their families are held together in love and righteousness. I teach spiritual, doctrinal lessons at church based on the Gospel of Christ. I want everybody to feel the joy I feel as I follow this spiritual path!