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Hi I'm Mike

Love my children and grandchildren, enjoy the outdoors, am an executive, board member, consultant, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife, six children, and nine grandchildren are the joy of my life. They are my best friends. My wife and I enjoy simple things such as being in nature or exploring someplace new. We enjoy a good thunderstorm, sunrise, a heron wading in the water, or a hawk perched in a tree. For us, there's something reverential about sitting atop a mountain, walking along a beach, or watching an otter run along a shore. I love to learn new things. After being away from a university for many years, I returned to graduate school and went on to obtain a doctorate. I studied self-change of people in their 40s and 50s. It was a tremendous experience. I managed construction projects or was an executive overseeing some aspect of a construction company for a number of years. I learned a great deal about project management, executive leadership, and board governance. I also learned that I really enjoy helping people grow, helping teams to function more effectively, and teaching others about leadership. As a result, I decided to leave corporate life and now help others in a consulting capacity.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Mormon church. It made sense to me when I was a young man. I thought, how could there be a church unless it was organized the way Jesus had organized his church with apostles and prophets. God telling his children not to use tobacco or alcohol back in the 1800s seemed like divine revelation. These were just a few teachings of the church that seemed logical to me. But, I didn't know if Mormonism was God's church on the earth. It just seemed like a good place with good teachings that made sense to me. One thing I appreciated about the church was that my parents and my church leaders consistently taught that I should find out for myself if the church was God's church. There was no one drilling the church into my head as the one and only church rather, I was encouraged to search, explore, and find out for myself. I began to study the Book of Mormon and the teachings of men who claimed to be prophets in our day. As I read their words and prayed for understanding, I experienced feelings unlike anything I had ever experienced. It is hard to put such feelings into words. I felt warm and yet had the chills. I felt light as air and yet grounded like never before. I felt spiritually attuned to people around me and yet experienced my own individuality in a powerful way. Such feelings continue to permeate my life as I study, listen, read and live the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The teachings of Jesus Christ as taught in Mormonism give me not only peace, but also hope of salvation. I have come to appreciate the work, teachings, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. That appreciation drives me to try a little harder each day to live His teachings.

How I live my faith

I'm not bashful about telling people I'm Mormon. It often comes up when I'm at dinner with a client and I don't order alcohol. Sometimes, it comes up when I tell people I have six children and nine grandchildren. It also comes up when I express to people that I prefer to be at church and home on Sunday as opposed to at a sporting event. A number of years ago, I received a church calling (assignment) that would require a great deal of my time. I did not know exactly how much time it would take nor when my time would be required. I was worried that my calling might intrude on my time during the workday. Within days of receiving the calling, I met with my boss, the president, who was not a member of the church and explained to him the duties of my calling. I expressed my concern to him that I may be called on to take time during the day to carry out one of my duties. I assured him that I would make up anytime taken away from my job if such should occur. He was very supportive and impressed that I would not only be so open with him, but that fulfilling my duties would have an important impact on others. He encouraged me to take whatever time I needed and he expressed confidence in my integrity knowing I would make up time taken away from work. During the nine years I served in the call, I don't think I took more than a few minutes total out of my day to accomplish my church calling, but was comforted I had been open about my need to do so.