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Hi I'm Tiara.

I'm pretty much in love with my life! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

#6 out of 8 children was an exciting place to be born! I had built in best friends, someone to hold my hand when I was scared, adventures to be had on the daily and always someone to share in the fun! Now that we're grown up and all of my siblings have families of their own, it's amazing how the circle of life completes itself. While I've not yet embarked in that "married-with-kids" phase of my life yet, I'm very much enjoying my current stage...being single and working hard in a challenging career, spending time traveling, fostering true and meaningful friendships, studying and learning anything and everything--from Spanish to baking to the life of Joseph Smith. As I very much look forward to having a family of my own someday, I also relish every moment of life that gets me there. I'm blessed with an amazing family whose love and sweet examples of simple, silent service and love of God strenthen me and and my resolve to be true to the commandments. Ps. 118: 24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into a Mormon family, my perspective on the gospel is lifelong...I don't remember learning to pray or being taught many of the songs I know by heart--it feels like I've always known some basic principles. And while growing up in a home where the gospel was taught and lived certainly made for an easy enviroment to invite the Spirit and have oppurtunities to serve others, for me, not having ever known life without the gospel made my conversion that much more impactful. I was blessed with amazing parents who made sure all seven of my siblings and I knew that the gospel was the center of our family--attending church meetings, daily scripture study classes throughout high school, and church sponsored activities were non-negotiables--that's what our family did. In line with the standards the church sets for the youth, we were expected to follow the guidelines regarding appropriate dating ages and dress and movie ratings and so forth. Even at the time, I could see the benefits of the values and morals being instilled in us and that those rules were designed to protect us from heartache and sorrow. It was after I left the safehaven of my parent's home for college that the rubber hit the road for me- -was I going to attend the same meetings I had never questioned attendance in while under their roof? -was it thaaaat important to follow every commandmant to the exact letter? weren't some worth more than others in the big scheme of things? -wasn't it good enough to live a good life and help others when I could? The answer to all of those questions I've asked myself is the same answer to the question of why I'm a Mormon: Because I know the gospel's true. It's been confirmed to me over and over and over again throughout my life. Times when I hear my little nieces and nephews singing Primary songs and their angelic voices ring the truth in my ears like a bell; at times it's been a burning in my heart as I've heard others bare witness to the truthfulness of the gospel; I'm always, always reminded by tears that just seem to form as if on cue when I hear the Prophet speak the truth; And some of the most sacred times I've been reminded have been in the heart of adversity-real sadness-when that soft whisper brings a peace over me instantly, and then I know. This gospel means everything to me-- It's what will bind me with my family for eternity. It's the plan hereby I will be able to return to live with Heavenly Father. It's what helps me be happy and enjoy all of the good things in life God wants me to experience along the way!

How I live my faith

"Where much is given, much is required" happens to be one of my most favorite passages. And because Heavenly Father has blessed me so abundantly, it is with pleasure--and duty-- that I serve those around me. There is a special joy that comes from doing the Lord's work, whether that is by visiting a few of the sweet sisters from church each month or helping plan activities so other people my age can fellowship in wholesome activities or doing service for someone that never asked for help. I've always drawn much strength from the silent servants who live their lives as an example to me just by doing what's right and I strive to be that exmaple to others. By asking Heavenly Father to help me answer someone's prayers, I'm striving to constantly looking for oppurtunities to share God's love with those around me.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is what you know to be true. It can be something simple, like you may have a testimony that the grass being green--you know it. You've seen it. When Mormons speak of testimonies, however, they are often based on more complicated truths. For instance, you may know the sun will come up every morning. You don't control it but you also don't doubt it...it's going to happen, it's true. Same with principles of the gospel. You gain a testimony of different aspects as you progress and study and are taught. For instance, I know there is a Prophet on the earth today who receives inspiration and direction for the members of the church and the world. I've seen our Prophet and I've heard him speak and know he is called of God. Similarly, I know Abraham and Noah and Moses were prophets, too. There are scriptures full of their lives and teachings for our benefit. While I've never physically seen those propehts or heard their voices for myself, I have a testimony that they were the Lord's servants and performed miracles under God's direction. Show more Show less