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Hi I'm Eli

I love to smile and laugh! I try to make everyday the best day of my life! I'm a Mormon!!!

About Me

I love writing and poetry. I enjoy reading and love symbolism. I love just about every kind of music imaginable but especially indie and acoustic music. I am on a mission in Louisville, Kentucky and it has been an amazing oppurtunity to share with others the message that has blessed my life so much. I LOVE talking to people just about anything and just making people feel comfortable. I love hearing people's stories and backgrounds. I just love helping people and I just like being a friend! I played trombone in highschool. I do my best everyday to be happy and enjoy life even when it life gets tough. I try to take care of my friends and family so that everyone feels loved and appreciated. I can't wait to have a family of my own and enjoy the great blessing that it is. I love smiling and laughing. I try not to go any amount of time without either of those things in my life. I speak spanish and love the hispanic culture.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a disciple of Chirst. I have found through my own personal study, prayer, and investigation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the Earth. I was confused in my high school years of denominations, personal beliefs, and just God's existence in general. I visited many churches with friends and always enjoyed the topic of religion but I wasn't feeling anything special. I remember being very angry one night and looking up to sky and was arguing with a being that I really didn't understand. I cried for help and guidance and because of no immediate response, I decided there was no God. I fell into a very dark part of my life and felt a very shadowy presence around me. I wasn't happy living. I seemed happy to others but there were deep questions and pains that ate at my heart. Many friends and loved ones helped me to forget about that whole and move forward. But a dear friend of mine, who is a Mormon, invited me over to her home and I felt a warm, calm presence. My Father had become a Mormon and changed his life massively. These to experiences sent me on a journey for inner peace. Through this website and investigation, I came to know for myself that God exist, that he loves us and this is his church. I know the Book of mormon is true and that Christ restored his church to the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. This invitaion is extended to all to seek and I promise you will find.

How I live my faith

I read the scriptures because they bring my mine a lot of peace and tranquility, listen to uplifting music, I try to have a positive attitude, I stay healthy and try to be in shape (But I do love candy and sweets so I am not always successful =p), and do the things that my Heavenly Father needs me to do! I try to live as clean as a life as possible. I love smiling and trying to be the best example I can be. I just try to be happy and positive. If there is one thing that I try to do more than anything else, it is smile. =) When life gets hard and you don't see the end, just smile and keep moving. People are always watching and someone always needs someone to smile at them and tell them it's going to be okay. I love comforting people and sharing experiences with others. I try to be a friend to every person I meet. It is always my goal to go out of my way to help others. I try to not let anyone see me without a smile on my face. I work on developing Christlike attributes so that I may be as He is. He loved all and did everything for us and never asked for anything in return. I know that praying daily makes a difference in my life and others. I know that miracles happen daily and prayers are answered daily because of a loving Heavenly Father that loves to communicate with us. I believe in the little things because they are the moments that matter most and I try to count all the great little things that happen everyday.