Eli: Depression, Student, Convert, Music, Suicidal, Love, Mormon.

Hi I'm Eli

About Me

I love writing and poetry. I enjoy reading and love symbolism. I love just about every kind of music imaginable but especially indie and acoustic music. I am on a mission in Louisville, Kentucky and it has been an amazing oppurtunity to share with others the message that has blessed my life so much. I LOVE talking to people just about anything and just making people feel comfortable. I love hearing people's stories and backgrounds. I just love helping people and I just like being a friend! I played trombone in highschool. I do my best everyday to be happy and enjoy life even when it life gets tough. I try to take care of my friends and family so that everyone feels loved and appreciated. I can't wait to have a family of my own and enjoy the great blessing that it is. I love smiling and laughing. I try not to go any amount of time without either of those things in my life. I speak spanish and love the hispanic culture.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a disciple of Chirst. I have found through my own personal study, prayer, and investigation that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the Earth. I was confused in my high school years of denominations, personal beliefs, and just God's existence in general. I visited many churches with friends and always enjoyed the topic of religion but I wasn't feeling anything special. I remember being very angry one night and looking up to sky and was arguing with a being that I really didn't understand. I cried for help and guidance and because of no immediate response, I decided there was no God. I fell into a very dark part of my life and felt a very shadowy presence around me. I wasn't happy living. I seemed happy to others but there were deep questions and pains that ate at my heart. Many friends and loved ones helped me to forget about that whole and move forward. But a dear friend of mine, who is a Mormon, invited me over to her home and I felt a warm, calm presence. My Father had become a Mormon and changed his life massively. These to experiences sent me on a journey for inner peace. Through this website and investigation, I came to know for myself that God exist, that he loves us and this is his church. I know the Book of mormon is true and that Christ restored his church to the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. This invitaion is extended to all to seek and I promise you will find.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Pray is how we can communicate with our Heavenly Father. We should always thank for all the ways he has bless our lives. We should pray for others,our friends and family. We should ask him to help us in times of need and for strength to carry on. I pray so that i may obtain and build a relationship with my Heavenly Father. Just like your earthly parents, you must ask for advice, help, and direction. Prayer is how we are able to keep our faith. It has blessed me greatly because I know someone is always listening and worried about me. Someone is always trying to help me through life. I just need somebody to listen to me. My Heavenly Father understands every little thing I have been through and ever will go through and He will help me through all situations. Orar es como podemos comunicarnos con nuestro Padre Celestial. Siempre debemos las gracias por todas las formas en que ha bendecir nuestras vidas. Debemos orar por los demás, nuestros amigos y familiares. Debemos pedirle que nos ayude en tiempos de necesidad y fuerza para seguir adelante. Rezo para que yo pueda obtener y construir una relación con mi Padre Celestial. Al igual que sus padres terrenales, debe pedir consejo, ayuda y dirección. La oración es la forma en que son capaces de mantener nuestra fe. Se me ha bendecido enormemente porque sé que siempre hay alguien que escucha y preocupado por mí. Siempre hay alguien tratando de ayudar a través de la vida. Sólo necesito que alguien me escuche. Mi Padre Celestial entiende todo lo poco que he sido a través de los siglos, y pasará a través de él me va a ayudar a todas las situaciones.

What have you done successfully to shield your family from unwanted influences?

We put up pictures of the Savior, church leaders, temples, inspirational pictures. We listen to music that lifts us up and sends a good message. We don't watch rated R movies because they bring bad vibes into our home. Anything that doesn't bring joy or positive feelings in the home should be removed so we are not tempted by satan. Pusimos fotos de el Salvador, líderes de iglesias, templos, imágenes inspiradoras. Escuchamos música que nos eleva y se envía un buen mensaje. No vemos películas de clasificación R, ya que provocan las malas vibras a nuestra casa. Cualquier cosa que no trae la alegría o sentimientos positivos en el hogar debe ser retirado por lo que no se ven tentados por Satanás.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

The Holy Ghost helps me to choose right from wrong. When I feel the spirit leave once I enter into someone's home or a certain area, I know not to go into these places. I know that the Spirit witnesses to me when I'm doing the right thing. I know anything that is against the Lord's word will not be comforted by the Great Comforter Himself. He speaks quietly, like a whisper. But as we listen closely and follow those whispers, we can find guidance in our daily activites! El Espíritu Santo me ayuda a elegir el bien del mal. Cuando me siento el espíritu una vez que deje entrar en la casa de alguien o de un área determinada, no sé para ir a estos lugares. Yo sé que los testigos del Espíritu a mí cuando estoy haciendo lo correcto. Yo sé todo lo que está en contra de la palabra del Señor, no serán consolados por el Consolador Grande. Habla en voz baja, como un susurro. Pero a medida que escucha con atención y seguir los susurros, podemos encontrar una guía en nuestras actividades diarias!

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

I play music and I love talking to people. I've applied these talents to my life. Music is a great way to bring people together and have them feel the spirit, music can fill a room full of the spirit by itself. My "person skills" help me speak openly about the gospel without making the conversation to out there and keeps away a hostile environment that usually comes when talking about religion. We all have talents, personalities and different interests. Use Them! God gave us personalities and talents so that we can enjoy this life and find peace in many different ways! Pongo música y me encanta hablar con la gente. He aplicado estos talentos a mi vida. La música es una gran manera de unir a la gente y hacer que se sienta el espíritu, la música puede llenar una sala llena del espíritu por sí mismo. Mis habilidades de "persona" me ayude a hablar abiertamente sobre el evangelio sin hacer que la conversación por ahí y se mantiene alejado de un entorno hostil que por lo general viene cuando se habla de la religión. Todos tenemos talentos, personalidades e intereses diferentes. Úselos! Dios nos ha dado personalidades y talentos para que podamos disfrutar de esta vida y encontrar la paz de muchas maneras diferentes!

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Our young adults and senior couples go on missions because we believe in spreading the word of Jesus Christ. They sacrifice two years of their life by dedecading it to the Lord's work. We serve missions because we love the Lord and we want to work for Him. We do our best to share a message that will strengthen families and better lives. Although some people do not want to hear it, we invite all to listen and just tell us what you think. You do not have to do anything we tell you to do. We are just trying to help and tell people about how this gospel has bettered our lives. No they are not required, we choose to go on them out of love. Nuestros jóvenes y parejas mayores, ir a las misiones porque creemos en la difusión de la palabra de Jesucristo. Sacrifican dos años de su vida por dedecading a la obra del Señor. Servimos a las misiones, porque amamos al Señor y queremos trabajar para él. Hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para compartir un mensaje que fortalecer a las familias y una vida mejor. Aunque algunas personas no quieren escuchar, invitamos a todos a escuchar y sólo nos dicen lo que piensan. Usted no tiene que hacer lo que te dicen que hagas. Sólo estamos tratando de ayudar y decirle a la gente acerca de cómo este evangelio ha mejorado nuestras vidas. No, no es necesario, optamos por ir con ellos por amor.

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

It helps me remember what is important in this life. Sometimes we get caught up with the drama and things of the world. Sometimes if we step beck and realize what is important and why we are here, will stay on the right path, stay busy, and work hard. Keeping an eternal perspective is very important. Sometimes I just feel like I can't keep going through life but I remember that God has a plan for me and that I am here for a reason, I am going through the things I am going through for a reason, and I need to learn something from every situation no matter what it is! Me ayuda a recordar lo que es importante en esta vida. A veces nos vemos atrapados por el drama y las cosas del mundo. A veces, si damos un paso Beck y darse cuenta de lo que es importante y por qué estamos aquí, se quedará en el camino correcto, mantenerse ocupado, y trabajar duro. Mantener una perspectiva eterna es muy importante. A veces me siento como que no se puede seguir adelante por la vida, pero recuerdo que Dios tiene un plan para mí y que yo estoy aquí por una razón, estoy pasando por lo que estoy pasando por una razón, y necesito aprender algo de cada situación, no importa lo que es!

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

We can have a harmonious relationship with our family by speaking to each other as friends and with love. Be interested in each others days and interest. Always be aware of each others struggles and space as well. Make sure there are plenty of family activities such as reading together, watching movies together, be goofy and silly around each other-being a kid isn't always bad, don't forget to give everyone a little space as well, and always share your feelings so that your family can understand and help you in your situation because that will keep contention from our homes. Podemos tener una relación armoniosa con nuestra familia al hablar el uno al otro como amigos y con amor. Estar interesado en cada día y otros de interés. Que sea siempre consciente de cada una de las luchas de otros y el espacio también. Asegúrese de que hay un montón de actividades para la familia, tales como leer juntos, ver películas juntos, ser torpe y tonto uno alrededor del otro, ser un niño no siempre es malo, no te olvides de dar a todos un poco de espacio, así, y siempre comparten sus sentimientos para que su familia pueda entender y ayudarle en su situación, ya que mantienen la contienda de nuestros hogares.

Why/How do you share the gospel with your friends?

I believe the best way to share the gospel is to smile and offer help to everyone you know. When people ask you question, gladly answer with confidence. Be proud of the church and be willing to share truth with others. Another great way is to invite people to church socials it's not formal and much less nerve-racking. Others can see that we are normal and not weird Mormon people! Creo que la mejor manera de compartir el evangelio es para sonreír y ofrecer ayuda a todos los que conozcas. Cuando la gente te haga la pregunta, con mucho gusto responderé con la confianza. Siéntase orgulloso de la iglesia y estar dispuestos a compartir la verdad con los demás. Otra buena manera es invitar a la gente a actividades sociales de la iglesia no es formal y mucho menos estresante. Otras personas pueden ver que somos personas normales y mormones raro no!

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

Right choices are like a boulder on a hill. That first push might be a little hard but you give it one push and it gets rolling. It is sometimes hard to make the right choice, but when we do, we feel the spirit in our lives and want to make more choices that bless us and strengthen the power of God in our homes. Las elecciones correctas son como una piedra en una colina. Ese primer impulso podría ser un poco difícil, pero usted le da un empujón y se rodando. A veces es difícil tomar la decisión correcta, pero cuando lo hacemos, sentimos que el espíritu en nuestras vidas y queremos hacer más opciones que nos bendiga y fortalezca el poder de Dios en nuestros hogares.

Could you talk about your baptism?

Wow! Crazy day that was. Well I woke up knowing it was going to be a great day. I went running and also took a lap up to the church. My dad met me up there and we cleaned the building and filled the font! Then we went and saw a parade in town. I was very nervous all day but I knew everything would turn out okay. So we went finally went back to the church and I got changed all in white, My dad went to pick up my step-mom and my brother. So I had the chance to sit in the chapel and read the scriptures for about a hour. It was very peaceful and I just prayed to have the spirit with me. I pondered my decision, and I received confirmation that this is what I needed to do. So everyone started showing up and the piano began to play. The services before were lovely and enjoyed everyone speaking to me about the church and introducing me to my future life. I then stepped into the water. It was warm and soothing. I was put under the water and it felt like everything was so slow. I felt myself leave this world for a moment. Then I came back up and just felt clean. I almost didn't know how to feel, people talked about how I would feel so pure and clean. I felt almost like I couldn't remember any bad thing that had happened before, almost like it was the first day of my life. I received the Holy Ghost afterwards. A few members put their hands on my head and confirmed a member of the church. This was the intense part for me. I almost felt like a fire run trough my body, my veins, as though something was burning and purifying me. When the blessing was done, I opened my eyes and I felt almost as if I had been given new eyes; They felt so light. My heart was calm and my soul was rejoicing. I truly know that the Holy Ghost, The Spirit, was truly a constant companion. And I just felt so much closer God that very moment. It was a life changing experience and the beginning of my new life of following the Savior. Many more trials were to some but I had a personal friend to help now. =]

How I live my faith

I read the scriptures because they bring my mine a lot of peace and tranquility, listen to uplifting music, I try to have a positive attitude, I stay healthy and try to be in shape (But I do love candy and sweets so I am not always successful =p), and do the things that my Heavenly Father needs me to do! I try to live as clean as a life as possible. I love smiling and trying to be the best example I can be. I just try to be happy and positive. If there is one thing that I try to do more than anything else, it is smile. =) When life gets hard and you don't see the end, just smile and keep moving. People are always watching and someone always needs someone to smile at them and tell them it's going to be okay. I love comforting people and sharing experiences with others. I try to be a friend to every person I meet. It is always my goal to go out of my way to help others. I try to not let anyone see me without a smile on my face. I work on developing Christlike attributes so that I may be as He is. He loved all and did everything for us and never asked for anything in return. I know that praying daily makes a difference in my life and others. I know that miracles happen daily and prayers are answered daily because of a loving Heavenly Father that loves to communicate with us. I believe in the little things because they are the moments that matter most and I try to count all the great little things that happen everyday.