Ryan: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ryan

About Me

I was originally born in California, but was raised in Utah most of my life. I have always loved, as you can see from above, a good game of Ultimate Frisbee. It all started with a bunch of friends in high school. Everyday, during our lunch hour, we would meet on the Soccer field and play. We never kept score, never had certain teams, and never cared who was good and who wasn't. We simply played because we loved it. It was used as a chance to unwind from the stresses of high school, the drama of relationships, and the dullness of the classroom. What made it truly enjoyable for me was the idea that everyone played - no one was left out or neglected. Music has always been important in my family. My parents started me into music at a very young age simply becuase they wanted each of their children to at least be involved with it. When I entered middle school, I joined band with the intentions of learning the Clarinet. However, being one of the biggest kids in all the different band classes, my band teacher asked if I wouldn't mind learning the Tuba. I accepted the offer, and it has stuck with me ever since. It carried me all throughout high school and into college, where I have earned scholarships for my playing. Learning instruments has always been a hobby of mine, and I can currently play (not all at the same level) Tuba, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Vocal, Piano, Guitar and Ukulele.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know, along with the Bible, that it truly is the Word of God. I know that the stories, principles and doctrines taught inside its pages were written for me personally because no other book has impacted my personal understanding of life. I am also a Mormon because of the friends within the Church in whom I've learned so much. They have taught me how to best build myself up in a world that constantly tries to tear me down. Ultimately, I am a Mormon because I know that by willingly following the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, I will recieve peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

Many of the stories from the Book of Mormon have reached out to my soul and brought a deeper understanding to how I can be a better person. One such story is from 1 Nephi 16. While in the wilderness, the prophet Nephi goes hunting for food. While doing so, he breaks his fine steel bow. Returning to his family empty-handed, they begin to complain because of their misfortune. Nephi, however, solves the problem by building himself a new bow, as well as equipping himself with a sling and stones. He then approaches his father, Lehi, and asks, "Whither shall I go to obtain food?" Applying that to my life, I see that there will be many times where I am faced with adversity. However, if I work like everything depends on me and take my efforts to my Heavenly Father in prayer, he will bless me with strength to overcome any obstacle that comes from life.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message that all of God's children should hear. Our missionaries dedicate two years of their lives to such a cause. They leave family, friends, jobs, school, etc. to come and spread the good news that Jesus is the Christ and that his sacrifice for us makes it possible for us to, one day, return to live with Him and our loving Heavenly Father. Personally, I came on a mission because I knew that it was the best way I could help people. 24/7 I look for opportunities to serve others because I know that when I am serving my fellow man, I am serving my Father in Heaven, who is God. That builds my spirit more than anything in this world.

How I live my faith

Currently, I am a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as one of its missionaries. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I strive to live the Gospel and share it with all people. Every one of God's children (in other words, everyone) is entitled to hear the Message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I have the humble opportunity to make that possible for all who will listen.