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Hi I'm Ron

I was born and raised on the Oregon Coast, and now live in Wisconsin, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father, and am married to a wonderful Companion, I know all husbands speak well of their wives after years of dedication and companionship, but my story is different my wife has been put through test like few others. My travels to a testimony of the church was a long and bumpy one, I was a good guy who tried to do the right thing, knew of the teachings of the Scriptures but didn't slow down enough to study them until Heavenly Father gave me a gift, some people consider it a curse, but it is my gift on November 16th 2004 I was diagnosed with Primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, this disease taught me to take time for the gifts I was given before my diagnosis, my Family and loved ones, Like most know that has been diagnosed with a chronic disease, many friends stray, and loved ones don't know what to say anymore, My wife is steadfast and our love grows deeper every day, she is now my companion we count on each other, we trust in each other, even through our trials the late nights of waking screaming in pain my wife touches me to comfort me she gets little rest on these days and continues on with her days like her sleep was never disturbed. So believe me when I say she is like few others, my wife told me as she is reading this over my shoulder, That is not about you its about me, she is half right, I am telling you who I am through the Blessings I have received, A sinful fleshly man who was loved by god so much he gave him the greatest of all Blessings, an opportunity to slow down enough to appreciate his gifts while I had the chance.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon Because, my 12 y/o son, had asked me every year since he was 8, can I get baptized. Until at age 12 he asked why wont you let me get baptized. I told him he was old enough to make his choice. I asked him what Church would he like to be Baptized in, he said the "Mormon Church." He said in all the churches he felt comfortable there like Jesus was there when he walked through the doors. I wished I had shared his opinion from the get go I had Joined the Church 23 years ago and was sealed to my first wife after a divorce things weren't so comfortable there, it wasn't that I wasn't welcomed, a piece of my life was missing and bounced from church to church ever since, I consented to have the missionaries come to speak to him, called up a friend who was a member. Who had been struggling to get me back there for the last 5 years to have the missionaries come by to teach my son. Who has never forgot the few months I struggled to get back to the church when he was 7. As the Missionaries taught my son the lessons on Baptism, I was challenging every aspect of the church, till the one day one of the Missionaries asked me out of all the Churches I had been to which one did I feel the Spirit most, I told him the Mormon Church of course, silly that is where I sought the Spirit the most. Then it occurred to me he was right I felt the same way my son did, the real truth was pride was keeping me from being led by my Son. I took a walk that night scriptures in one hand and cane in the other looked for a place with enough light to read, there was none so I walked on I walked down a long trail far into the woods near by, I sang "I am a child of God" the entire way over and over again, I knew several Hymns but that night this was the only one i could remember, till I got to the middle of the woods I heard something rustling in the brush, that I recited the lords prayer, I continued down the trail about another 1/2 mile back to singing again, same song. I found a clearing and dropped to my knees begging God to forgive me for 23 years of wasted time and sins of the flesh, and then it occurred to me the song Heavenly Father wanted me to know no matter what I was a a child of God and all he was doing was waiting for me to ask. Then I asked if my family could join me if it was his will in this journey, i looked up and saw a bright star in the sky, i don't know if it was tearing eyes but there were several smaller stars around it that as i watched that came together as one brighter star. Maybe not a vision but a comfort to know that my family one day would join my Son and I in our journey. Then the next thing that occurred to me is I liked to do things my way, and I asked Heavenly Father to let his will be done I was done taking charge of my life. I walked back home for now there were dogs barking and it was pretty late, due to my MS the walk was hard I had walked quite a distance, the only thing I prayed about for me that night was that I would make the journey home so my family didn't worry. I followed that bright star singing, guess what, "I am a Child of God" this time in proclamation and rejoicing. As my legs hurt beyond what i could stand I asked that He would lift the pain enough for the journey home. I looked up into heaven and saw that same star shining ever so brightly. I followed that star all the way home and for the first time I noticed it sat right over my house. When I got home my son rushed up and hugged me and asked if I was okay, I told him I needed some time to talk to God, and he asked with a smile on his face if I had seen a vision, I told him I am not a prophet, and God talks to us all different. But I told him the story of the star and the comfort it gave me. That Sunday morning My Son and I got up and got ready for Church. That young Missionary, I will never forget His Face when he saw us come in that day. The next visit he asked us to set a day for my Son's Baptism, I told him I didn't know if i could Baptize him. My Son told me he would wait, I said no Son you have waited long enough. I asked the Missionary to do the honor for me, He told me that Satan sometimes made us believe we are worse then we are and i should speak to our Branch President (church leader) to see if he thought I could be worthy in time, so the 2nd hour of Church I met with him and told him of my Journey back to the Church he told me if I kept my priesthood covenants till my sons Baptism date he would be honored to have me Baptize him. After 23 Years I was back home, The day I prepared to baptize my son with all I could remember was the words of Heavenly Father "This is my beloved Son for which I am well pleased" No pride just joy, my son brought me back home with the aid of many others Heavenly Father had put in my path.

How I live my faith

I live my faith as most people that have chronic disease in their life, I spend every day proclaiming Gods love for us. Thankful for an opportunity to serve him and the Church and pray for strength that I am able. With Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis strength is sometimes in short supply. The First few weeks of return, my disease was at it's worst with 3 trips to the ER. I have my own treatment protocol at home that my Doctor and I worked out, to save my insurance and the taxpayers a great deal of money. I treat at home my pain like most do in the ER, so if I go to the ER it is real bad. One of those nights they wanted to admit me because they had given me a shot of Morphine and if that didn't work they wanted to put me on a morphine drip. I asked the Elders to give me a Blessing and after a 2 hour nap the pain was gone. 2 weeks back and I received a Blessing from the 2 Missionaries and on another occasion from the Branch President and another Elder. I regard those as my trial weeks, I am not pain free but for the most part am doing extremely well, i have made it to Church every Sunday since have been to the Temple twice and I have my first calling in the church in 23 years. I guess what I am saying is I live my faith like I have wasted 23 years and tomorrow could be my last opportunity to serve, and the question I ask everyone else, even if they are healthy, "shouldn't we all live that way".

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony, is a firm belief that there is a living Heavenly Father, who gave his only Begotten Son, and gave us the the gift og the Holy Ghost, and the Scriptures, and in these Modern Times a living Prophet to guide us in these last days so his will might be done so his children can hear is message and return to him. A testimony is life experiences that shows us that Heavenly father loves each ans every one of us. That he wants us to return home to live with him. That all the gifts he has given us was intended ro show us his love Like free agency was given to us so we might learn from our mistakes, Just like we love our children he loves all of us. That is the way I look at it, I would give everything fr my children and my wife. That is what makes me understand his love. A love without end. We cant understand all the reasons he sys no at times just like we say no to our children, and just like our children we mess up and his love never sways, just like the love I have for my family. And i say these things in the Name of Jesus Christ through which Heavenly Father provided our path home to live with him one day. Show more Show less