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Hi I'm Alden

Alden means "old friend". I'm a second generation New Mexican. I'm an Eagle Scout who studied Physics. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Some Background. I am Alden. I am trying to love the Lord, keep his commandments, and serve mankind. I got married 29 years ago. Then, both my wife and I together joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, prior to our having two children (a girl and a boy). We four are all Mormons. I will mention one attractive interest of mine, gravity. Gravity and the Living Universe. Every fundamental charge (that perpetually exists) is a continual source of electric fields. The charge will be a constant source of electric fields forever. The electric fields can provide energy to or remove energy from other charges which absorb those electric fields. There are some electric fields coming from opposite fundamental charges that happen to travel precisely together and so have great penetration capabilities. These electric field pairs can travel together, through great amounts of matter, until conditions are just right so that both electric fields will together be attractively absorbed by two separate downward pulls. That is gravity. When such a graviton pulls down on opposite fundamental charges temporarily made available in starlight, the charges remain and they become new matter. This new fine matter may be organized into hydrogen atoms. The universe increases in matter, with the new matter in space reducing starlight from beyond so that the background of space is dark. That is why it is dark at night. The growing universe expands by starlight pressure or rather photon propulsion. The creations of God include: organizing and rotating myriads of new galaxies, new stars, and new planets. The stars continually give off light by acquiring energy from some of the energetic two-part gravitons. For two fundamental charges rotating about a horizontal axis, the first encountered lower elevation charge is pulled downward, then the higher elevation opposite charge keeps rotating about the center of the pair before it is also pulled downward. With the delay, the charge pair acquires greater rotational energy from the two-part attractive graviton. This rotational energy can be dissipated by friction. This universe is continually growing in mass and expanding. This universe itself may be compared to a vast living entity, as it moves and reproduces itself. Because of the continual production of energetic two-part gravitons, the masses of the universe may be considered as ancestral masses to infinite descendant masses. You can see many more comments about gravity on my Internet site. I am trying to help turn the turner. Testimony. All things testify that there is a God, from the smallest rotating nuclear ground state to the largest lumbering planet, and from the tree reaching its limbs to heaven to the wheel turning, as it should. I too testify that there is a God in heaven. We will all be resurrected because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. If we repent (or let God prevail by turning to God without contention), we can live forever with God in this living, growing universe. For your eternal benefit, please read and continue to ponder the messages within "The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ", likening the things therein unto your own situations. You can come to know the truth of all things by the power of the Holy Ghost. If you don't limit yourself by disobedience to God, you can have especially infinite potential. You can improve little by little. My dear distant relatives (as we are all related), please don't despise the weak and simple things. AEP - 24 October 2010

Why I am a Mormon

My short answer is because of the Holy Ghost. Also, see a short version of my testimony above in the "About Me" section. There is a non-disprovability of the existence of the spiritual world. There is a provability of the existence of God. The proof is not according to finite precision measurements (according to our experiments and reasoning based on the experimental results), but rather by direct communication (from the spirit of God to the spirit of man) by the power of the Holy Ghost. God does answer the prayers of his children (in his own time and in his own way, for the maximum eternal benefit of his children).

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith as best as I can, by being obedient to God's commandments (for my own benefit, as God knows how I can be most free and happy) and by trying to be valiant in my efforts. I grow and receive strength in many ways by doing so. In the past, I have had a large number of callings, which have helped me increase my talents and capabilities. I have done much volunteer service work for Scouting. I currently (as of Oct 2010) do such things as these. I try to be a good father, husband, and child (helping my family to come unto Christ). I go out with others to teach families in the homes of the families. My family similarly benefits when home teachers come to us to teach/assist us. I am an assistant leader in a group of men (teaching, serving on projects, and organizing). I help others so they can research their family histories. I work a shift (about three hours/week) in the local family history center. I sing in the local choir. There are many old records that are on microfilm that could be made available to the public for free, using the Internet. I am volunteering to help make some such records available to people with Internet access. To do this, I help out on an indexing project, in which I look at images of old records on a computer screen and type in information on computer screen forms. I type such things like names and dates, that I am able to see on the images. Then people doing computer searches for their ancestors/relatives can easily go to such images and find out further information about their ancestors/relatives. That way the people trying to obtain the information do not need to pay for microfilms to be temporarily loaned, wait weeks for the microfilms to come in, and put the films on a microfilm reader machine so that they can get the information. Instead, the images that they are interested in will be quickly available. Anyone who is interested can also help with the indexing, so as to assist the productivity of others. Many more people will be needed to make readily available the extensive genealogical treasures.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We will be resurrected because of the Lord, Jesus the Christ. We have the opportunity to live forever. Our most sacred and loving relationships, as members of families can continue forever. The universe is expanding and growing to an infinite amount (worlds without end). Such a place without living growing families would be lonely (or explicitly isolated), if it were not for eternal living families. Show more Show less