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Hi I'm Rick

I'm a Mormon and more important than that, I am a Christian. I follow the Savior. He is my friend and my advocate.

About Me

I am a father of five beautiful girls and the husband of an amazing wife. We love to camp and be outdoors. I am a senior product manager working with identity and security technologies for the enterprise. I am currently getting my MBA. I love sports, especially college football. I love to golf and have fun in life. I work very hard and believe that we need to instill this value into our children.

Why I am a Mormon

I have lived a very full life. I have not always been completely active in the church. I was born and raised in the church but fell away for several years. Those were the darkest years of my life. I am a Christian. What does this mean? It means that I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Savior, Jesus Christ, my Savior, has imprinted my name, my sorrows, my transgression on the palm of his hand. He paid for my sins so that I could be happy and be whole. He is my friend. I truly love him with all of my heart and soul. I have seen the dark and I have seen the light. He is my peace and joy. I am a Mormon. I believe with all of my heart that the priesthood of God was restored through Joseph Smith. This priesthood is on this earth until the Savior returns again. It is through the priesthood that I have the ability of being sealed to my wife and my children for the eternities. My wife and my children are the reason for existence. I cannot imagine going throughout the eternities without them.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith every minute of every day. I partake of what we call the sacrament each week. This is a sacred covenant that I will ALWAYS remember the Savior, keep his commandments and take upon him his name. In turn, he promises me that his spirit will always be with me. This is much more than going to church on Sunday and listening to sermons and leaving. ALWAYS means always. Each day of each minute, I try to walk in his shoes. Here is the amazing part. I fail about 90% of the time in keeping that covenant. I am not a bad person but I make a lot of mistakes every day. However, he still loves me. He still is there for me. I live my faith best by repenting every single day for those things I did wrong. As I repent, I get closer and closer to him. He becomes my advocate. He gives me mercy, daily and forgives me of my sins without questions. I live my faith by trying to share that hope that Christ’s loves us all, individually. I try to share that in example, in words, actions and service every day. I serve my Savior and my Heavenly Father by accepting callings in the LDS faith. I serve him by trying to be kind. I serve him by trying to raise my children to be respectful, hardworking, prayerful and unselfish.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

The definition of "cult" varies. The two main definitions that others use to state Mormonism is a "cult" is 1. A system or religion that is unorthodox or spurious. 2. A great devotion to a person, movement or object. To address the first, is Mormonism unorthodox or spurious, thus becoming a new religion completely different from Christianity? I invite you to spend time on http://lds.org or http://new.lds.org and read through the doctrine. As you do, you will see that the Mormon beliefs are very consistent with Christianity. We believe in the Savior. We believe he died for us and was resurrected for us. We believe it is ONLY through his mercy that we can be saved. We cannot in any way earn our way back to our Heavenly Father. We do, however, believe it is our obligation and will be our desire that if we truly accept the Savior as our Savior, we will follow his commandments and try our hardest to do his will. Thus, we say that faith without works is dead. This means that if we truly have faith the fruit of that faith will be to serve him. The desire to act in his name, preach his gospel, serve other people, repent of our sins by telling him how sorry we are that he had to die for and pay for them will continually burn in our hearts. Our efforts or "works" as some call it do not in any way earn our way to heaven. They do not replace the need for our Savior. It is ONLY through the Savior and his atonement that we can be forgiven for our sins and here is the important part; learn to live as he lives. This is not a new doctrine. This is the doctrine of Christianity. We also believe that all who believe in him and take upon them His holy name will be saved. This includes Mormons as well as any other Christian. Through modern revelation, we learn that there are various degrees of Heaven. Each degree brings greater truth and happiness. Joseph Smith, the first latter day prophet actually said though that if we could actually see how amazing even the lowest kingdom in our Father's house was, we would do whatever it took just to get there. We all will live with in his kingdoms and experience joy and peace beyond our comprehension. This is his gospel of good tidings. Often times, there is a misconception that Mormons are not Christian. That Mormons really worship Joseph Smith or the current prophet of the day. I hope as you read my testimony, you will hear clearly that the central and core belief of my faith and the Mormon faith is that Christ is the center of all. Not the prophets, not the leaders, not the church itself. Christ runs this church and all that is good in the World today. So why do we revere Joseph Smith. We love him because he was righteous enough and willing to lay down his life to bring the keys necessary to be sealed to our families forever. He restored the priesthood of God. He taught us truths that will give us everlasting happiness. We love him, we revere him but we do not worship him. He is a servant just like you and I to our Father in Heaven. The calling or job of the prophet is to reveal the Lord's will for the church as a whole. The church is necessary to build the kingdom of God and to build temples where families can be sealed. To build churches so we can partake of the sacrament. To organize welfare programs for the world and to sponsor missionary work throughout the world. The prophet leads this effort through direct revelation from Heavenly Father. However, the prophet does not replace my and my wife's responsibility to lead our family as the Lord sees fit. The prophet will not and cannot receive revelation on how I should specifically raise my family. He will give me general council but will not give me specific guidance. That is my calling and obligation from the Lord. Personal revelation is critical. The Lord will help me live my life, help me teach my family what they need to know and will testify to me that what the Prophet teaches me comes from God. The Lord has testified to me that Thomas S Monson is the prophet of God. I don't take that on blind faith. It has been revealed to me though Heavenly Fathers Holy Spirit. Show more Show less

What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

There is a lot of conversation about what the family means. There is a lot of controversy about what the Lord sees is a family. This being said, it is important to understand that the family is the primary core of our peace and happiness. Heavenly Father has lovingly given us the power to create. This is a portion of his power. With this power come very sacred responsibilities. He has given us this power to honor and to use for our peace and joy. The power to create and to have a family unit that can bring eternal peace and joy must consist of a loving husband and wife sealed through the priesthood of God for the eternities. The husband is nothing without the wife and the wife is nothing without the husband. They must be one in heart, mind and purpose. They must both be willing to allow the Savior to be a part of them and rule their family as a presidency, the Savior being the head and the husband and wife, hand in hand as his servants and helpers in bringing Heavenly Father's children back to him. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

We are taught that every member is a missionary. We also send out dedicated servants who dedicate between 18 months and two years to teach the word of god. In regards to spreading the good word. Isaiah 52:7 talks about how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring peace and good tidings to the world. We learn that the mountains are the place of revelation from our Lord. We believe they represent the temples of God. In our temples, we are sealed for the eternities to our families and are given the keys to live and reign with Father in Heaven for ever. This is the good tidings that the entire world needs to hear. The Lord loves them and wants them to return to him. Show more Show less