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Hi I'm Alli Boothe

I'm a nurse. I'm married to a medical student. I'm a Mama to a little boy named Max.

About Me

I'm a new mom to a little boy (born in January 2012). I love motherhood more than anything else I've ever experienced in life, and love other mothers who feel the same way. I also work part-time as a Pediatric Registered Nurse, primarily to a little girl who was born prematurely and now has extensive medical problems. Being a nurse, especially a home-care nurse, has brought me great joy. It has also deeply humbled me to spend so much time, on an intimate level, with families and children facing major medical problems. It keeps me grounded and grateful for the simple, basic things in life; like being able to walk, hear, and eat. I'm also married to a busy, hardworking medical student. We've been married for three years, and are going strong, despite the little time we have together and his stressful workload. To me, the best things in life are family and friends. I try to take the chances I get to be involved in serving those around me and spending time with people. But spending time with my husband trumps everything. I also love the outdoors (and miss it as I'm now living in a major metropolitan area), biking, and going on walks with my little guy in the stroller. I enjoy exploring the neighborhoods around me, sampling different restaurants, and "adventuring" with friends.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because living the teachings of our religion has blessed my life and taken me in a totally different direction than I would have traveled on my own. Reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible has helped to give me the personal testimony I have that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and the Savior of the World. Knowing this gives me the motivation to make myself a good person, and to better myself. It makes me feel like I'm not alone, and that someone always cares about me. Prayer has given me access to Heaven, and I know without a doubt that prayers are answered, and that God watches over us, even when we can't see him or don't feel him. I believe that Jesus Chris is the leader of our Church, and that it is the same Church he once established on the earth, that has now been restored. I'm not entirely sure why organized religion is important to Him, but I know he took great pains to establish His Church on the earth, and that even He was baptized. He left the leadership of the church to Peter, who became its leader. I believe that in the same way he did then, Christ still leads the church through prophets and seers, and that we have a prophet on the earth today. I am loyal to those teachings, and I feel the Spirit of Christ as I attend Church, take the sacrament, follow the teachings and commandments, and above all, pray. I have prayed so many times to know if this church really is true, and I just think that the answers are, above all, found in the way my life works when I participate as an active member.

How I live my faith

One of the basic beliefs of our faith is that serving others is one of the greatest ways to grow yourself, and that Jesus Christ has commanded us to love as He loved. This has definitely proved to be true in my life, and I am thankful for the ways God blesses me through being involved in other people's lives and in the community. I love and serve others by starting with my family, as they are my greatest priority. I also look for ways I can help my friends and those around me, even by just talking and listening. I take part in our Church's Visiting Teaching program, and regularly check in on two specific ladies in my congregation. I pray for them regularly and hope God will bless them even just because I've prayed for them. I am also a cub-scout leader in our pack, which has both LDS and non-LDS members. Eight year old boys can be really obnoxious, but they are also really fun, and I enjoy their curiosity and enthusiasm. I try to be an example to them of what I think a woman and a Mom should be, though imperfect like I am, so that they feel secure in the world they are growing up in, whatever the circumstances they may come from.