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Hi I'm Andrea

I'm a black Mormon. We actually do exist...

About Me

Music is as essential as the air that I breathe. I love to sing, dance, and listen to music. I'm learning to play the guitar, which has been a dream of mine for several years. I'm artistic and enjoy drawing, and writing poetry. I love pictures - taking them and being in them. I also love Texas and pretty much anything that has to do with it. My goal in life is to enjoy the little things and to create moments and memories that I can cherish forever. I recently finished a master's degree and am currently working for a small non-profit that works with transracial adoption and teaching as an adjunct faculty member. I love people and want to "be the change [that I] want to see in the world."

Why I am a Mormon

My older brother died when he was 7 weeks old. I never quite understood what happened to him or how I was connected to him since I had never met him. As a child I would wonder if I hadn't been born if he would still have lived or if my younger brother had not been born then he could have stayed alive. No one ever explained death to me. When I graduated high school, I decided to look for a church when I got to college and didn't tell anyone in my family. I mostly visited Baptist churches because I'm from the south and most of my family is Baptist. I ran into a friend from my home town on campus, who eventually gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon with her testimony written inside. Occasionally, I would hang out with the Mormon kids but never went to church - three hours is a long time and the girls wear skirts/dresses. Eventually, another Mormon friend invited me to meet with the missionaries. There were several challenges that I faced will meeting with the missionaries. During one of our meetings, I opened up to the missionaries about my older brother and my concerns. They told me about a chapter in the Book of Mormon that discusses what happens to infants and little children who die (Moroni 8). When I read that little children are alive in Christ and have no need of baptism, it sounded right. I knew that it was true. In speaking with people of other faiths, I was told that my brother was in hell because he died without being baptized. I didn't know God at the time, but I knew that it didn't seem right for an innocent child to be condemned. The Mormons knew where my older brother was and when they told me that he was safe and that I could meet him one day I felt in my heart that it was true. I felt peace.

How I live my faith

It took serving an LDS mission and moving to Utah for graduate school to realize that there is more than one way of being a Mormon. There's a lot of cultural aspects that blind us at times to what being a Mormon and living "the faith" is. "Mormon" is a title; it is a substitute word for "disciple of Christ." I live my faith by not getting caught up in keeping up with the Mormon "Joneses" and instead focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ. I try to view situations from other people's perspective and understand multiple sides of a given situation, which helps me to develop compassion and empathy. Christ suffered, died, and overcame death for me and for you. He is the ultimate example of compassion and empathy. I want to cultivate a greater capacity of compassion and empathy in my life to be more like Him.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I realize that it can be hard to believe that in the world we live in today God continues to call men as prophets, who literally have the power and authority to speak for him just as Biblical prophets. God is not limited by understanding. If he can part the Red Sea and send plagues, surely he can call a prophet in our day. He loves us just as much as those who lived during the days of Abraham and Moses. Our world is just as troubled as it was during the times recorded in the Bible. There is a prophet today. Listen to his words and pray and ask God for yourself. Show more Show less