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Hi I'm Jackson

I owe everything to the women in my life. I'm a father, a husband, & an entrepreneur. I'm a Texan, an American, & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised by 5 older half-sisters and our single mother. I received more love than any child could ever ask for. Leaving them behind, I spent weekends and extended stays with my dad and his family. My dad’s family was different: their “home” was an environment of anger, alcoholism, hate & emotional abuse. Every day I thank God for my contrast of homes. On one hand, the constant support church members provided my family, combined with Christ’s teachings, taught me how to achieve a happy life. On the other, I saw what life can be like without a support structure and without Christ’s guidance: life can be plagued by confusion, loneliness and depression. Experiencing the pain of what my dad’s family went through without the gospel of Christ in our lives, I served a two year mission in Uruguay. I taught families about the things that made my mom’s home happy, helped families resolve their problems, guided people to find purpose in life and learn to love each other and find peace. My lovely wife & I look forward to our future plans to help the world in tremendous ways. While my career is my favorite self-driven ambition, the most important work in the world is being the best father that I can for our daughter and the best husband I can to my wife. My daughter deserves a father as much as I did and my wife deserves a husband as much as my mom did.

Why I am a Mormon

I am 1 of 16 half/step children. As the second youngest, that's a lot of people to have my eye on! I watched my siblings and parents make choices in their lives that led them to where they are today - for better or worse. The common trend I saw was that the few family members I have that are Mormon are much happier, healthier and do more for the good of this world than the rest of my family members. At the same time, those who do not share the “Mormon faith” are constantly struggling, feel lost and struggle with bigger problems of their own. My wife and I have gone through many adversities and received many blessings. Hanging onto our faith has not been easy with everything that comes with a normal life, but when we step back to look and gain perspective, it’s so easy to see everything that God has given us through our faith. We have an endless number of true friends who love and support us. We are surrounded by diverse programs to help others and reach out further to those in need. Our daughter is going to have the best peers anyone can ask for. How do we know this? Because we have both been members of the church since we were little, we moved constantly and the church has great people in every congregation you end up in because we are a resolute people. We know that it is hard to follow Christ consistently, but I am so grateful for growing up involved in church regularly and being able to see that life is much harder without Christ, than it is with Him. Mosiah 2:40-41

How I live my faith

In our congregation I’m what we call a “ward/congregation missionary”. This means that I get to help new members of the congregation feel welcome, establish friendships and connections with people similar to them and answer their questions regarding what we believe. I also get to do the same thing for new visitors to our church. We invite people to our house for dinner, have parties with friends, help people move and try to be the best friends we can to newcomers. I also love teaching the young men and women in our region our “Full-time Missionary Preparation” course. This helps those who have desires to serve a mission to know why they might want to go, what things they should be prepared for and what things they should bring with them. It is not my official assignment in the congregation, but I love helping people who are out of work in their job search. I have a decent network of businesses that need employees, help people produce exceptional resumes & cover letters and prepare for their interviews. I feel it’s our direct calling from God and a duty of every American to make sure our fellowmen are able to put food on the table for their families.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

My testimony rests on 2 things: 1. Learning how Christ's sacrifice affects my life now. 2. That deep inner feeling, albeit sometimes hard to feel, that I have a Father in Heaven who loves and cares for me and wants me to succeed. A relationship with God has always been fairly easy for me to recognize - even though sometimes it can be hard for me to feel. Understanding why Jesus Christ is important to my life took me a lot more searching to figure out. I have found that it is normal to fall short every day in life, but knowing that Christ chose to make the difference for my shortcomings, as long as I continue to try to do my best, helps me know that I can be happy with the good things I do. It empowers me to accomplish things I couldn't otherwise and I have truly found peace - the deepest form of happiness. Christ truly is my savior and I feel it when I take a moment to think about it. Until I figured out what that meant, I felt as though I was missing something big in my life and couldn't figure out what it was. Anytime I begin to feel lost or uneasy, maybe even just a feeling of self-doubt or dullness - it is always coming to terms that Christ is my savior that brings me back up. The number one best way I've found to understanding how this power works and how to make this connection as strong as possible is to have a private conversation with a Mormon missionary or bishop and ask them, "How can I feel close to Christ and how will it help me?". Show more Show less