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Hi I'm Bryan

I'm a Mormon. I take an intellectual perspective on the teachings of Jesus Christ. For me, this helps my faith grow.

About Me

I like to off-road, shoot, play video games, read, and listen to good music. When I can get focused, I like to reflect on life as a journey and enjoying it as it comes. I often get sucked into the waiting game where I'm constantly waiting for some event or change that will then allow me to be happy. But I try to stay focused and enjoy the journey for what it is.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church, but I didn't figure out the truth of it until I was out on a mission. Truth be told, I went on a mission because the girl I was dating wanted to marry a returned missionary. I figured I could go see someplace interesting and probably learn a new language. Once I got out there, in my hard working, obedient nature, I discovered that the Gospel, fully restored with authority through the prophet Joseph Smith, is true. This realization caused me to make a major shift in my life. I had to confess some sins I had previously concealed because I didn't take the Gospel seriously. I had to come home from my mission to take care of those issues, but then I returned to the mission field and finished what I started. Since then, I have learned that spirituality has a short shelf-life, but the Lord rewards every bit of effort we make to get closer to him. I know that through his atonement, we can be saved from sin AND strengthened to do things we could not do alone.

How I live my faith

I have filled various roles in my congregation. I have taught the young children (Primary), the youth, and adults in Sunday school as we study the scriptures together. I also lead the music fairly often and occasionally play the piano so that others can sing (although my wife is the far better piano player). Serving in the church in ways as small as vacuuming the chapel on Saturday mornings becomes a habit of service that helps us become more like Jesus Christ, the ultimate Servant.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

The temples of the Lord are sacred spaces where members may perform ordinances for themselves and deceased loved ones. An ordinance is a symbolic ceremony where members promise obedience to God's laws and learn of the specific blessings God offers in return. The ordinances of the temple are family centered. It is here that families may be "sealed" together forever...not just to living family members, but to all known generations of one's family. Participation in these ordinances is the ultimate form of worship for LDS church members. As such, only those who demonstrate to their local church leaders that they live the highest standards of the Gospel in daily life are permitted to enter the temples. So, is something secret going on? No. Is something sacred going on? Absolutely! Come and join us...the blessings of temple worship will not disappoint. Show more Show less

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Modesty and chastity (and language) start with one's attitude toward the body. Our attitude toward an object is based in our understanding of the purpose and value of that object. I saw a advertisement recently with the tag line: True greatness should never go unrecognized. In the ad, a kid finds a baseball with a Honus Wagner autograph and asks his dad who Honus Wagner is. The dad says, "No idea" and explains that he found the ball at a yard sale and thought the dog might like to play with it. The other guy knew that Honus Wagner was a hall of fame baseball player and that a ball bearing his signature was special. Just as these two gentlemen understood the value of the ball differently, so many in our society are confused or uninformed about the purpose and value of our bodies. Our bodies are gifts from our Father. He loves us and provided bodies to us so that we could learn to use them as He has commanded us so that we can grow to become more like him. We must also understand that the reproductive capabilities in our bodies exists so that we can fulfill his commandment to multiply and replenish the earth in family units--not for casual pleasure only. Properly understanding the purpose for the body, our attitude will govern our choices about what to wear and how to act. We do not need any rigid set of rules because we make our own judgment about what is right and what is wrong with a correct understanding of the purpose and value of our body. Show more Show less