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Hi I'm Robbie

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I'm a Jack of All Trades, a Master of None. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I put college on hold for a few years to serve a mission in southern California. Now I am home and studying Industrial Engineering. I love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking for the beauties of nature you can find only by foot (or helicopter I suppose, but those are a tad pricey). Rock climbing is my first sport, the thrill of overcoming a rock face by your own strength and the satisfaction from figuring out the puzzle of the climb: where to put which limb to set yourself up for the subsequent moves. It is first only because I discovered it first: my other sport is Ultimate Frisbee. I suppose it is a similar joy, understanding your body and the physics of a flying disc enough race the Frisbee and make the catch no one thought was possible. Indoors I love to read and play video games. Mostly the Fantasy genre on both, but I will branch out if something gets high enough reviews. The stories are what catch me, especially good triumphing over evil against the odds. I am also a big fan of music, mostly Indie work. I will listen to any genre though, as long as it is a high quality production. Anything "good" is what I tell people.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are both Mormon, so I guess that means I was born into it. Where most people get it wrong, though, is when they say I was brainwashed into believing the way I do. I'm grateful my parents took us to church and taught us, because I know it was only what they knew to be right. They never forced anything on me, but let me chose for myself. Of course they pushed and prodded in the right direction, but it was always up to me in the end. I always knew the Church was God's true and chosen Church on an intellectual level because none of the other religions made any sense to me. And with an engineer's logical mind, I thought about it a lot. When I was 18, I was driving to school, listening to one of the modern apostles, Elder Jeffrey R Holland, speak about Angels. He shared a story from his friend's life that allowed the Spirit to pierced my heart and fill me with joy. In that moment, everything I believed about the Church was confirmed, and I knew that God approved of the choices I had made in being baptized and preparing to serve a mission. It is a hard feeling to explain, but I just knew, and still know, with all of my heart and soul. And that is why I chose to continue to be a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I strive to be actively engaged in church and to do whatever my leaders ask me to do in helping build up God's kingdom.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Absolutely I do. Why would God stop following his pattern of guiding us by a prophet? He has always done so, as long as the people in general were righteous. And from now until Christ comes as King of Kings to reign personally on the earth, there will be a prophet to guide, direct and instruct us as if Christ were here. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Easy: they will tell you how to have joy. That isn't to say you've never felt joy, nor that you are an unhappy person. But they will teach you how you can always have joy, even when trials and the difficulties of life come along. They will teach you how to make promises with Jesus Christ that bind you to Him more than anything else could. Show more Show less