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Hi I'm Robert

I grew up in Seattle, was a missionary in Japan, graduated from BYU and have a family. My career is in finance and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married and my wife and I have four daughters. The two oldest are returned missionaries. One daughter has graduated from college and works in advertising, two are in college and one is still in high school. We enjoy music and love to sing as a family. Our girls also sing together. One of my passions is snow skiing but I rarely find enough time to enjoy it. Our girls have always been involved in extracurricular activities such as the Drill Team at school and a community choir. I am involved in my alumni association as well as with the Boy Scouts, have an extreme interest in political and world affairs and love to travel. We are busy with Church responsibilities and find great satisfaction in serving other people. My professional training is as a CPA, but I no longer practice accounting. I was a banker for many years and now work for a boutique Wall Street financial firm as an advisor to several individual and institutional investors. I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and belong to the Investment Management Consultants Association. I love my work and find great satisfaction in explaining difficult financial concepts to those who need to know this information but have no inclination or interest to learn it on their own. I seem to have a knack for simplifying complex financial concepts and summarizing their salient parts for others. My wife and I have been married for 27 years and she is my best friend. We enjoy music, walking, travel and exercising together.

Why I am a Mormon

As I look around, there are many people who seem to exist day-to-day without real meaning or purpose in their lives. Very little that the world has to offer provides answers to life's most important questions: where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going after death? The answers to these questions provides purpose in life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides those answers. The teachings of the Savior taught in the scriptures and by living prophets on the earth today provide solace and comfort in a world that is in turmoil. Wars and rumors of wars are ever present. Many wars are fought over religious differences. I believe that the Gospel has the answers to peace and happiness in this life as well as in the world to come. If the majority of the world were to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, I strongly believe we would not have the discontent, confusion and contention we experience today. People would be happy and have joy in their existence on the earth. Hate would be gone and love would prevail among all peoples. This is the reason I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I testify to the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that it teaches. Amidst the discontent in the world, I have peace in my own life. I know that I am a son of God with real meaning in my existence, both on this earth and in the eternities. I love my family and they love me. This knowledge is a great comfort to me when there is so much hate in the world. I would like for all peoples of the world to have this same blessing in their lives and so I am happy to share what I know with anyone.

How I live my faith

I am a stake president in the Church which is a lay position providing no monetary compensation for my service. A stake is an Old Testament term and is a geographical division of the Church which includes approximately 3,200 Church members in my case. As a stake president, I am concerned about the temporal and spiritual needs of each member in my stake. In our stake we have eight wards or congregations, each headed by a bishop who has responsibility I have delegated to him for about 500 Church members. Part of my stewardship is to meet with each bishop every month as well as being in regular contact with them by phone and otherwise to monitor the physical and spiritual welfare of each ward and its members. At home, we do our best to live the teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ. Every day we have family prayer at least twice and each of us have daily personal prayer at least twice. We try to read the scriptures together as a family and individually, and each week we hold a meeting in our home called Family Home Evening where we teach each other gospel principles. We still have challenges as a family, but through living the teachings of the Savior we receive tremendous help with our challenges. Regular attendance at one of our temples also helps us in our personal and family life. Temples are closed on Sunday when we have our worship meetings with our other ward members in our regular Church buildings. We teach each other the doctrine of Christ and enjoy social functions, athletic and other activities together as a ward and sometimes as an entire stake (in our case, our stake is eight wards all within the same geographical locale). This religion is not just a Sunday religion. Everything we teach and are is a 24x7 lifestyle. It makes us happy and this joy permeates our lives. Our desire is to share this message with others so that they, too, can enjoy the happiness and satisfaction that we experience daily.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

God is our Heavely Father - the Father of us all. He loves us and hears and answers our prayers because He loves us. The only way to know if Mormonism is true is to study its precepts and teachings and ask God in sincere and humble prayer. The Book of Mormon is at the heart of our beliefs. If this book is true, then Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Church is true. Everything hinges on the Book of Mormon which was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith, who said that it is the keystone of our religion and that a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. I testify to this and have experienced that truth in my life. After reading the Book of Mormon, simply ask God in prayer, exercising your faith, if it is true. If it is true, it follows that all other aspects and teachings of the Church must be true. Show more Show less